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Neurosurgeon and neuromodulator (neuro-coach).

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Pretty damn sure you
1 know a whole lot and
g great about it


«— 2


whether you
actually know
\ that much

that you don't



kaowithat & Realizing that
Q knowing how little
© you know is the first


step in becoming
someone who

<Q ¢ 4 actually knows stuff

Feeling ashamed
and embarrassed
about not knowing
that much







Averting the tumble

From the domain of cognitive psychology emerges an item of interest which I believe may have a far greater application than that which defined its origins. The Dunning-Kruger effect refers to a cognitive bias in which those with a low objective performance tend to overestimate th ...

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Life Lessons

Ian Weinberg


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5 months ago

Dumbing down and out

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Life Lessons

Sharing a thought on Christmas Eve 2020

On the eve of Christmas 2020 it dawns that global confusion reigns supreme. Yes, there is the popular narrative that a Corona virus together with its several mutations has given rise to a global pandemic. But while we agree that there is causative evidence that the virus gives ri ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Self-actualization post Covid

The concept of self-actualization is used pretty loosely. Coined originally by Kurt Goldstein, the concept referred to the individual becoming holistic through the realization that we comprise ‘self’ together with the environments that we inhabit. The concept was subsequently dev ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Cornered by Corona

I guess this Annus Horribilis can be characterized as the year of shock and awe! Unpredictable events began their disruption almost from the first day of 2020. Each disruptor became worse than the previous one, culminating in Covid-19 and the carnage that continues to ensue. Over ...

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Ian Weinberg


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3 years ago

in beBee Writers

The plot sickens

The ‘experts’ are in a modelling muddle. My response to this is one of empathy. You see, the ‘experts’ in medical science are for the most part entirely affiliated to the mechanistic bio-medical model – they know no better. This is the model which has attempted to equate the huma ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Our very own psychosis

So there was this virus that originated in Wuhan and spread around the globe. The virus differed from most other viruses in that the vast majority of those infected had either no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Only a very small proportion developed a serious illness and an even ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Dawn of affliction

As I pen this missive I am acutely aware of the global shutdown of daily life to which we have become accustomed. The consequence of this extinguishing of a significant component of interaction has been the devastating trauma inflicted upon the global economy. The die is however ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Homo Panicus

We have arrived at the defining moment of the evolution of mankind. Behold, Homo Panicus! Allow me to share this special moment, the emergence of the clowning glory of our several hundred million year path of evolution, with a deep dive into the core of his being. And while I sha ...

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Ian Weinberg

3 years ago

Who cares?

In this age of multiple human issues which have been so generously aired on the social media platforms, I’m driven to ask who really cares? I would suggest that the ever expanding volume of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the psychiatric handbook ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

Take me to your leader

I would suggest that leaders are not created but rather, emerge. I would qualify this statement with the contention that once a leader emerges there may be potential for enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of the leadership. But I would suggest that the coaching modali ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago


Pearls of Dawn

The post-dearth re-birth of mirth · As the sun rose it dawned upon me. When it set, I had no recollection of its dawning. But on meeting up with Dawn a few days later, recollection burst forth. It was at about this time that it occurred – a convergence point of many seemingly unr ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago


Marcus Aurelius

We the people

A world bereft of virtuous leadership. A value system based upon consumerism, narcissistic gratification and fake news, supported and perpetuated by social and mass media. Inexorably the lines defined by decency, sensitivity and genuine self-awareness blur and with the disappeari ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

On a wing and a prayer

I have always had this passion for flight and flying. One of the highlights of my earlier days  (when I was still a ravishing brunette) was to take to the skies of Africa in my Thunderbird, a small plane-microlight hybrid. On one occasion towards the end of my active flying caree ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

A word in your ear

One of the most important clinical paradigm shifts in our time has been the realization that neurochemistry together with the cognitive and emotional function that it supports, does not exist in isolation from the body’s immune system. The heavy two-way traffic that prevails betw ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

The life of Bob the blob

This ought to set a cat among the pigeons - my hypothesis on the integration of Relativity with neuroscience and beyond ... · Bob the blob was similar to all other blobs. But like all other blobs, he was also unique. He was unique in terms of his origins in that he originated fro ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

Another golden ratio

From time to time I manage to get off the train of life for short periods of reflection. It became apparent that patterns were discernible in my own life. Intense engagement in the context of career and interest areas (in my case, related) leads to prolonged periods of reflection ...

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in Meditation and Mindfulness


Just a roll of the dice

Is happiness a state which occurs when there’s no sadness or are happiness and sadness two primary polar opposite states of mind? I guess to unravel this one we’d have to get to grips with the states themselves. · On rare occasions I’ve engaged the odd friendly shrink about this ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

Move on or move out

I recall from my old biology days that the one differentiating factor between plants and animals is that animals have the ability to move. Over the years I’ve come to respect that movement not only reflects life but is also life enhancing. An animal that is wounded disengages fro ...

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Ian Weinberg

4 years ago

The perch on your shoulder

If I were to ask you how you view yourself you would probably respond with a description which is a composite summation of all that you’ve done, how you’ve done it, where you’ve done it, with whom you’ve done it and how you’ve felt doing it. This is the ‘you’ that you’ve come to ...

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