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Homo Panicus

Homo PanicusWe have arrived at the defining moment of the evolution of mankind. Behold, Homo Panicus! Allow me to share this special moment, the emergence of the clowning glory of our several hundred million year path of evolution, with a deep dive into the core of his being. And while I shall refer to Homo Panicus in the masculine (for ease of narrative) the gender term should include the male, the female and all forms within that spectrum. For Heaven forbid that I tread upon politically incorrect toes at the outset and render my humble words discredited.

Homo Panicus (HP) is very afraid ... of everything. He is afraid of loss, not being recognized, not possessing, being dispossessed, not being adored, not being ‘liked’, not having enough for tomorrow, injury, illness and death. HP is awash in adrenaline and cortisol triggered from his fear centers – the pair of amygdalae. Now the sea of adrenaline is a great help for scaling a ten foot wall when being pursued by a lion or tax man. But when the fear emerges from some dark abyss, well then we have a most unfortunate situation. Because a clearly discernable neurochemical process is set in motion.

Firstly the adrenaline brings the rational working memory, the sense of reason of the pre-frontal cortex, to a grinding halt. Without a sense of reason HP becomes dumb and can no longer mediate or modulate fact or emotion. He is effectively a reflex fight-flight-freeze preparation. Reflectiveness has been replaced by reflexiveness. Following on from the capitulation of a sense of reason, the sea of adrenaline suppresses the centre of reward (the nucleus accumbens) and the dopamine that it secretes. Inevitably then the sense of gratification emerging from reward and achievement begins to rapidly wane. Finally the last line of defense, the oxytocin mediated place of empathy trust and belief, is suppressed leaving us with a self-interest obsessed, ungratified, fearful amygdala preparation devoid of empathy and sensitivity. And just when you thought that that was all, the plot sickens. For one is reminded that the overdose of adrenaline spurs on unchecked inflammation which itself may become a precursor to a multitude of maladies including heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative conditions, among others. And to put the final nail in the proverbial coffin, this plot conspires against us by the raised cortisol suppressing our immunity.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there either. The raging amygdala of the HP is contagious. Much more contagious than the coronavirus. Once the threshold of activated amygdalae is surpassed there is no stopping the activation of many other unchecked amygdalae. And with the absence of the sense of reason of accompanying frontal lobes, the exuberant collective of florid adrenaline fountains are fanned by the mass and social media into a mass frenzy.

Somewhere in the sea of panic, the obligatory quarantines of incarceration and the bun-fights over toilet paper roles in the supermarkets exists a virus which is no more virulent than seasonal flu and which our immune systems have been shown to be more than adequate in neutralizing. But HP with his characteristic dumb, panicky facies has emerged with his date with destiny. Because folks HP had already arrived of age quite a while ago, fully programmed as a dumb, reflex zombie fanned by the media with its fake news and other malevolent agenda’s. HP was the powder-keg awaiting someone or something to light his fuse. And here we are.

We bear witness to Homo Sapiens’ degeneration into Homo Panicus because technology, consumerism and its accompanying values pried us free of our wholesome human heritage - the heritage and its values supported by the suppressed centers of our brains: The ability to reason for ourselves; sensitivity and empathy for others and the greater environment; contributing value to self, others and the environment and thereby making them better than they were before we engaged.

One can only hope that pockets of Homo Sapiens remnants may re-connect and build from the bottom up, a new order based on previously inherited wholesome values together with the best of modern technology. Indeed there is much work to be done and I remain optimistic that we will emerge from the ashes as Homo Integratus. Until then though, best to lie low, escape the hordes and tend your own acres.

Copyright reserved - Ian Weinberg 2020



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Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #22

Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR Greetings. Would appreciate you ridding this post of the virus below. 🙏

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #21

Thanks Greg

Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #20

A very enjoyable read Ian! I also believe your analysis is far too accurate. Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts into words and words that are engaging.

Harvey Lloyd

1 year ago #19

I had been wondering what was going on outside my cave. Thanks Ian Weinberg for your thoughts and great diagnosis. I am still struggling with the lion is not real, but rather Mark Zuckerberg. LOL

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #18

Thank you. Yes indeed - current behavior checks the boxes of insanity.

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #17

Thanks Paul

Paul Walters

1 year ago #16

Ian Weinberg The Balinese being the Balinese adopt the attitude " Crisis. What crisis?" For here, the absolute 'now' is the philosophy. yesterday, indeed five minutes ago is gone forever and tomorrow ...well who can speculate? I'm going with these guys methinks. A nice piece as always Mr Weinberg thank you .

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #15

Ian Weinberg Excellent & insightful ... and prescient Given the market responses to day ... Homo Petrifiedus is spreading ... The plot sickens" and thickens Your words: "fear emerges from some dark abyss" brings to mind the source of fear (a well honed strategy repeatedly used by the god of this age and the prince of this world) The root of fear is spiritual although it clearly manifests in the physical as you as well describe: clearly discernible neuro-chemical process is set in motion. What you describe below reminds me of people with mental health issues (specifically bi-polar disorder) "Finally the last line of defense, the oxytocin mediated place of empathy trust and belief, is suppressed leaving us with a self-interest obsessed, ungratified, fearful amygdala preparation devoid of empathy and sensitivity" Fear distorts & magnifies ... robs reason & peace So true: Dis-ease creates disease

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #14

This lovechild of ignorance and immaturity, aka HP, is indeed a shameful specimen of our species. Let's hope it remains an zeitgeist phenomenon rather than become the norm, for everyone's sake!

Agreed, Ken Boddie. What irks me is I found more factual information on the internet than in mainstream media. But I learned industry owns over 90% of our mainstream media, so now that makes sense. I practically went back to college with marvelous lectures by MIT scientists and the like. And now I converse with a few from time to time. I've actually worked with media--getting them marvelous science and research. I've been strung along until I see a kindergarten piece that has no bearing on what I and editors/reporters have discussed in the news. Journalists no longer dig to formulate a good journalistic piece--they simply string together regurgitations of regurgitations. that's not the way I learned to do it in university. If we could get any factual info from our mainstream, it would be great. But as I often say, "The days of Harry Evans are gone."

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #12

Thanks Ken. Right on the button. We have much work to do.

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #11

It does indeed appear, Ian, that HS has degraded to HP. Our natural processes of logic and rationality have been eroded across enough sectors of society that cogitation has now largely been replaced by a reliance on instant reference to search engines. This, propogated by the constant use of our recently evolved, but now virtually permanent appendage, the smart phone, along with our associated incapability of differentiating between fact and fiction, news and fake news, has resulted in us undergoing a self imposed virtual societal lobotomy. Until enough of us regain the capability to differentiate rather than regurgitate, I fear there will be insufficient societal grey matter to integrate and give rebirth to your HI Phoenix.

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #10

Thanks John. That’s a really interesting analogy.

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #9

Thanks Randy. Keep on cookin’

John Rylance

1 year ago #8

Enjoyed the read. An possible outcome worth heeding. In case like the trees that form petrified forests HP's become extinct, remaining around as reminders of what we could become.

Randall Burns

1 year ago #7

Another great thought provoking post Ian Weinberg While I see the humor and satire that you've so eloquently put forth in this "analogy" it is unfortunate as to how true it really is; frightening really. Appreciate the optimistic ending, hopefully there are enough of us Homo Sapiens left to emerge from the ashes... (guess I should start on building that bunker...)

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #6

Indeed Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee Sad but true of all times.

Oh, so-so-so true. You hit the nail on the head, Ian Weinberg. I've stumbled into a study of "corporate strategy," and, it seems, they've been using this strategy for years to sell us just about anything you of which can think. I heard a statement made by a military guy in an older movie that I turned into a graphic. It goes this: "Strike enough fear into people's hearts and they'll let you DO anything to protect them."

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #4

Much obliged Pascal Derrien

Ian Weinberg

1 year ago #3

Thanks Debasish Majumder

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #2

An important voice well worth listening to in the current cacophony

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #1

wonderful insight sir Ian Weinberg! enjoyed read and shared.thank you for the buzz.

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