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5 years ago

BeBee Interviews

Gert Scholtz · Few experiences on BeBee are as satisfying as interviewing others or reviewing their work. · I am privileged in that some great minds have agreed to honor my questions with insightful replies. I highly recommend it: choose others you are interested in, you learn from or of whom y ...

5 years ago

Pascal Derrien Interview

Gert Scholtz · Pascal Derrien is one of the few Irish Bees here on BeBee. He joined around the same time as I did and I have always found his writing authentic, creative and often provocative. Curious about this enigmatic and humble person, he kindly agreed to an online interview. Enjoy the rea ...

5 years ago

Ken Boddie - Good On Ya' Mate!

Gert Scholtz · Ken Boddie is always a welcome presence on BeBee. He comments extensively, posts on a wide variety of topics, and is one of the most engaging people on the platform. He has the unique knack of lifting the spirit with poetic comments and humorous remarks.  · This post is a tribute ...

5 years ago

High Five

Gert Scholtz · Today I have been on BeBee for two years. My main motivation for being here is to learn more about blogging and the art of short form writing, and too widen my interests through other's posts and online engagement. I don’t consciously build a personal brand, I am not trying to ma ...

5 years ago

I came, I saw, I beBee'd...

Claire L Cardwell · To bee or not to beBee that is the question:   Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? · I've met some fantastic people on beBee over the last 18 months or so a ...

5 years ago

Profiles of Inspiration

Gert Scholtz · For the first time I scrolled through BeBee short profiles. The description of no more than fifty words right at the top a person's profile page. Many hooked me immediately and left me with cheerful glow and stronger sense of the person behind the page. People that capture in a f ...

5 years ago

Coffee Questions?

Gert Scholtz · Sometimes we cross the cyber-divide and meet with other Bees in person. · There have been get-togethers between the Canadians, a few buzzes mentioned personal meetings in the USA, Madrid is a hive of Spanish gatherings regularly posted on BeBee, and down in South Africa I have t ...

5 years ago

Bees on Blogging

Gert Scholtz · On BeBee I have learned more than anywhere else about blogging and writing on social media. I thought to make a collation of a few posts on elements of blogging which you might find interesting. The content below makes for a good deal of reading time so take it slowly. Select one ...

6 years ago

Me Promote BeBee?

Gert Scholtz · I never considered myself to be a marketing person. That is until I joined BeBee. A few months after becoming a member, I was named as one of the ambassadors. Oh Boy! How am I going to promote BeBee? · Frantically I thought back to what I remember from university in Marketing 101 ...

6 years ago

Jim Murray on Writing

Gert Scholtz · I regard Jim Murray as a doyen of writing and blogging. He writes in a straight forward and easy conversational way, which hides the true craftsmanship, depth and quality of his work. There is much that I learn from him.  · Jim's pieces include long form posts, short form posts, ...

6 years ago

The Top Five Posts on LinkedIn

Gert Scholtz · A recent · LinkedIn Article · lists the top five posts on LinkedIn, based on the number of Likes and Shares the posts received. I found it interesting reading and I made a few extracts from the grouping of posts. Here are a number of salient points on the articles and on the auth ...

6 years ago

How to Bee

Gert Scholtz · There have been some excellent "how-to" articles posted on BeBee. Below are a few, for your use and benefit. Some are more recent, some go back over the year. Not all are couched directly along the theme of how to improve or master a change or a skill; with good intention I have ...

6 years ago

BeBee Producer: One Hundred Posts

Gert Scholtz · This is my 100th BeBee Producer post. · Over the last year and a half, I have written on a variety of interests. Some posts have been expository, some introspective, others light-hearted. A few have been on travel, many on writing, a selection on music, various on my country, a ...

6 years ago

Google Likes BeBee

Gert Scholtz · To understand more about SEO, I searched a few of my beBee posts on Google and Yahoo. I placed the titles of about ten posts in the search bar without adding my name or the name beBee. All posts were picked up by these two search engines and a few appeared on the first search res ...

6 years ago

Origins of BeBee

Gert Scholtz · Where did BeBee come from? Twenty years ago, social media did not exist. I did not even have internet connection at work or at home. Mobile phones were rare, and those on the market doubled as doorstops. How things have changed. Today 2,8 Billion people use social media. Right no ...

6 years ago

Cheers to Canucks!

Gert Scholtz · Out of interest and curiosity today · I looked up Bees in Canada far away · Was I astounded to find and see · A nation so active here on BeBee · To all Canucks, please take my post · As a thanks and to you a toast! · Jim Murray · is a doyen of blogging on beBee · The best co ...

6 years ago

Good Humor

Gert Scholtz · A humorous post lights up my day. It shifts my outlook on the world and on that which happens to us all. A funny post relaxes, makes us smile, gets us to breathe a bit more, and yes, most probably makes us happier. · Dale Carnegie said: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun ...

6 years ago

Blogging on BeBee - A Few Useful Tools

Gert Scholtz · My blogs on beBee follow a simple formula. I write on a Word document, edit, paste into beBee Producer, choose an image from Google, and publish. A bit old fashioned I know, but I'm working on getting with the times. Searching around on the internet, here are a few tools I found ...

6 years ago

Handy BeBee Icons

Gert Scholtz · On beBee there are plenty of useful icons, giving quick access to useful information, or allowing instant shortcuts to other pages. I find the following icons listed below handy; most are embedded in the paragraph title, and at the end of the paragraph there is a short instructio ...

6 years ago

Javier beBee: Vamossss!

Gert Scholtz · Javier beBee is admired for his many fine qualities. His warm enthusiasm, his social media smarts, his entrepreneurial drive and his honesty sets him apart as a CEO and as a person. · From his many posts, I have made a selection of phrases which I find particularly insightful and ...

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