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Kyle Fitchet Fitness

Kyle Fitchet Fitness

Personal Trainer & Sports nutritionist

Services provided: Advanced English Lessons , Personal Training , Conversational English Lessons , Nutrition Services - Lifestyle , English Lessons For Adults , Private English Tutors , Business English Lessons , Intermediate English Lessons , Admin - Social Media Managers

Port Alfred, Sarah Baartman District Municipality
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About Kyle Fitchet Fitness:


Hello, I'm Kyle Fitchet, a dedicated and certified personal trainer with a strong foundation in sports nutrition. My journey in the health and fitness industry has been driven by a genuine passion for helping individuals lead healthier lives.

With a Trifocus Sports Nutrition and Personal Training diploma, I have equipped myself with a comprehensive understanding of the human body's anatomy, physiology, and exercise science. My qualifications include expertise in designing personalized fitness programs, along with in-depth knowledge of nutrition fundamentals and sports-specific dietary strategies.

I specialize in creating tailored workout plans that not only consider clients' fitness goals but also their unique needs and abilities. Whether it's weight management, muscle development, improved athletic performance, or simply enhancing overall well-being, I have the skills to guide clients on their fitness journey.

My commitment to continual education ensures that I stay updated with the latest industry trends and evidence-based practices in fitness and nutrition. I pride myself on effective communication and client-centered coaching, fostering a supportive environment that empowers clients to achieve their goals.

Beyond my professional qualifications, I believe in the importance of professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality in every client interaction. My dedication to your success goes beyond the gym or nutrition plan; it's about helping you transform your life.

I look forward to being your partner on your path to better health and fitness. Let's embark on this journey together, where your goals become our goals, and your success becomes our success


I possess a diverse skillset and a wealth of practical experience that makes me a well-rounded professional. My qualifications span various areas, including anatomy and physiology for subject-specific exercise, biomechanics in exercise, fundamental and advanced nutritional principles, physical assessments for fitness, and health screening. Additionally, I am well-versed in motivation techniques for athletes, wellness concepts, and the entrepreneurial aspects of the personal training industry. I excel in creating type-specific exercise and fitness program designs, coaching and guiding individuals with disabilities in sports and exercise, and tailoring fitness training for special populations such as pregnant clients, elderly clients, and children. I also have a deep understanding of nutritional requirements for special populations, injuries, illnesses, and special conditions, including exercise programs for pregnancy.

Furthermore, my skillset extends to strategies for behavior change and lifestyle coaching, with a keen understanding of physiological characteristics unique to special populations. Beyond my fitness and nutrition expertise, I have also acquired personal development training, lesson planning, and teaching English as a foreign language. In the realm of hospitality and customer relations, I am well-versed in marketing, sales, and administration, with hands-on experience in upper-level administration and management.

In terms of work experience, I have served as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist at No Limits Fitness, where I excel in conducting comprehensive fitness assessments, designing tailored training programs, creating personalized nutrition plans, and maintaining precise client records. I have effectively employed motivation techniques and hands-on guidance while also conducting remote training sessions.

During my tenure as the General Manager and Personal Trainer at WARFIT, I demonstrated strong leadership by enforcing gym conduct, sourcing and training staff, and managing financial aspects. I excelled in customer relations, marketing, and equipment maintenance, contributing to the overall success of the gym.

As the Head Surf Coach at Cape Town Surf School, I led surf classes and efficiently managed lesson bookings and customer transactions. I also promoted merchandise and services through strategic marketing efforts.

In my role as a Professional Lifeguard at Tower 13, I displayed strong water safety skills, including setting up rescue equipment, responding to distress calls, administering first aid, and collaborating effectively with fellow lifeguards.

My experience as a Junior Lifeguard at Tower 13 involved responding to distress calls, monitoring the lagoon area, and promptly notifying professional lifeguards or emergency authorities when necessary.

Finally, in my part-time role as a waiter at Damatos, I provided exceptional customer service, performed cash reconciliation, and maintained cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Overall, my extensive skillset and practical experience make me a well-rounded professional capable of excelling in various roles and industries.


Trifocus Personal Training & Sports Nutrition Diploma

My educational journey includes the prestigious Trifocus Personal Training & Sports Nutrition Diploma, which stands as a testament to my commitment to the fields of fitness and nutrition. This comprehensive diploma program has endowed me with a profound understanding of human anatomy and physiology, particularly concerning exercise. It has empowered me to create tailored workout regimens that cater to individualized fitness goals. Moreover, my mastery of biomechanics in exercise ensures that every fitness routine I design prioritizes safety and effectiveness. This certification also delves into the intricacies of both fundamental and advanced nutritional principles, enabling me to craft personalized nutrition plans that align with clients' specific objectives.

Trifocus Personal Training Certificate

In conjunction with my diploma, I hold the Trifocus Personal Training Certificate, a testament to my expertise in exercise program design, client assessment, and motivation techniques. This certification underscores my ability to inspire and guide athletes and fitness enthusiasts toward realizing their fitness aspirations. It also highlights my proficiency in conducting comprehensive physical assessments to gauge clients' fitness levels accurately. Armed with this certificate, I am well-equipped to help individuals embark on transformative fitness journeys, providing unwavering support and guidance along the way.

GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

In addition to my fitness and nutrition qualifications, I have earned the GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a testament to my versatility and commitment to effective communication. This certification equips me with the skills and knowledge needed to teach English to non-native speakers with clarity and precision. My ability to plan and deliver engaging lessons ensures that language learners receive high-quality instruction.

Professional Lifeguard Certification - Subject to Retest:

Safety is paramount in my professional endeavors, and I hold a Professional Lifeguard Certification that underscores my commitment to preserving lives in aquatic environments. While this certification requires periodic retesting to ensure my readiness, it reflects my proficiency in conducting critical tasks such as assessing sea conditions, executing rescues, administering first aid, and collaborating effectively with fellow lifeguards. My dedication to maintaining and improving this certification mirrors my unwavering commitment to safety and preparedness.

Boston College General Education Certificate - 2017:

As a foundation for my educational journey, I earned the Boston College General Education Certificate in 2017. This certificate underscores my dedication to a well-rounded education, providing me with a broad spectrum of knowledge that has been instrumental in shaping my professional path. It attests to my commitment to academic excellence and my foundational understanding of diverse subjects.

These qualifications and certifications collectively form the bedrock of my professional expertise. They demonstrate my unwavering commitment to continual learning, safety, and effective communication – qualities that are fundamental to my success in the fields of fitness, nutrition, education, and lifeguarding.

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