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Job Satisfaction Doesn't Exist

Job Satisfaction Doesn't ExistThere is no such thing as job satisfaction. That's an expression more in keeping with snowflakes and the world of woke. It implies a conclusion and ignores reality.

Each day contains successes and disappointments. Whichever is dominant becomes the findings we present at the end of the day.

The ideal goal is to have more successes than failures and utopia is realised if there were no failures because that's a perfect day.

A success can be as simple as not spilling coffee on the keyboard to the securing of a large order or receiving a thank you or a smile from a passer-by.

The conclusion of a day isn't sufficient to measure a job's value so the obvious question is what should the unit of measure be? It gets worse because having more failures in a day than successes demands review because it's well established that nothing just happens, it's caused.

If we accept that events are caused and there is a majority of negative results then the only remaining issues are to establish why.

The use of the disciplined environment that BuzzApex offers helps to breakdown the contributions that spoilt the day. Not only that, by using the dynamic features in a carefully engineered way it's a realistic expectation to increase the frequency of successful events every day.

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2 months ago #3

Thank you for posting, Your article content is being very much interested, I am very impressed with your post. I hope to receive more great posts.

Emmett Leffler E

Emmett Leffler

5 months ago #2

Thank you for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

10 months ago #1

Interesting view. Isn't a job that comprises primarily of successes a more satisfactory one though? If that's the case, can't someone make the argument that a mostly successful job is one that yields job satisfaction? Just curious...

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