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1 year ago

Job Satisfaction Doesn't Exist

Ivan Radmore · There is no such thing as job satisfaction. That's an expression more in keeping with snowflakes and the world of woke. It implies a conclusion and ignores reality. · Each day contains successes and disappointments. Whichever is dominant becomes the findings we present at the en ...

3 years ago


Gert Scholtz · This is me, your Dog.  · Let's leave the woofs, howls and barks. Let's talk - just you and me. I don’t understand your overly complicated language but let me speak in your parlance. It’s time to clear the air, it's time to pull the leash straight. · Your language rings in my ear ...

4 years ago

On Sunset

Gert Scholtz · Everyone has their favorite time of day. For me it is sunset. Here on the tip of Africa we are privileged to experience some of the most beautiful and varied. Sunset is the time when the rush and energy of the day fades into the space of night. It is nature’s mark of transition f ...

5 years ago

Another day in Africa

Ian Weinberg · Woke up to another perfect day in Africa. And it struck me how everything is exactly the way it is! · "

5 years ago

Considering Buying/Renovating a Heritage Home? Pros and Cons by Claire Cardwell

Claire L Cardwell · Some people feel that Heritage-listed properties are fascinating windows into the past and that their owners are lucky.  Other people say that a Heritage listing is a real headache with development restrictions and price depreciation. · There are risks involved with buying a Heri ...

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