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1 year ago

What's Next?

Ivan Radmore · There's so many talented people who can convert products from one form into another because they have the ability to visualise an end result and the skills to do it perfectly. It is these abilities that frequently stimulate thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur. That leap from som ...

3 years ago


Gert Scholtz · This is me, your Dog.  · Let's leave the woofs, howls and barks. Let's talk - just you and me. I don’t understand your overly complicated language but let me speak in your parlance. It’s time to clear the air, it's time to pull the leash straight. · Your language rings in my ear ...

3 years ago

About Time

Gert Scholtz · Time goes fast, time goes slow. · There are times when we stop to think about time itself. How we see it, how we experience it, how it passes. How the past weaves into the now, and how the present shapes our anticipation of things to come. · How does our perception of time shape ...

3 years ago

High Five

Gert Scholtz · Today I have been on BeBee for two years. My main motivation for being here is to learn more about blogging and the art of short form writing, and too widen my interests through other's posts and online engagement. I don’t consciously build a personal brand, I am not trying to ma ...

4 years ago

On Sunset

Gert Scholtz · Everyone has their favorite time of day. For me it is sunset. Here on the tip of Africa we are privileged to experience some of the most beautiful and varied. Sunset is the time when the rush and energy of the day fades into the space of night. It is nature’s mark of transition f ...

4 years ago


Ian Weinberg · Sorry to pop your bubble but there’s no justice in the world. Never has been and never will be. You see, the most important determinants that went into making who you are and what you do were made without consulting you – your nature-nurture heritage. And before you could shout o ...

4 years ago

Benefits of Writing

Gert Scholtz · I started writing in my spare time five years ago. I don’t really remember why, or what prompted me. The habit began somewhere and stuck in some way. · There is a published book, quite a few booklets and essays, magazine articles, a few dozen beBee posts, personal musings, and ot ...

4 years ago

The Mystery of Time

Gert Scholtz · It’s About Time · I often think about time, it is a continual mystery to me. We cannot directly feel time with our senses, we can’t stop it, we can’t buy it, it can be a friend, it can be an enemy, perhaps it doesn’t exist outside our awareness. Time appears fixed and regular, ye ...

4 years ago

Relativity, relatives and other relationships

Ian Weinberg · After watching a very thought provoking movie, ‘The death and life of Otto Bloom’, I found the need to clarify ‘time’ and related influences insofar as our individual lives are concerned as well as the ‘bigger picture’. It has always been difficult to describe Einsteinian relativ ...

4 years ago

Passing water

Ian Weinberg · I’m sitting here in my consulting suite watching the water pouring out of the basins and beginning to flood the floor. When it first began, which was about half an hour ago, I had sprinted to the maintenance department and sought urgent help. Arriving back I witnessed the rising ...

4 years ago

Seven Natural Wonders of Time

Gert Scholtz · I am drawn to heights and places where time surrounds me. Spaces where time stretches away and spots where distant history rushes towards you. Places which serve as beacon of the power and grandiosity of nature. A spot to appreciate the speck of time we have on earth. Here are my ...

4 years ago

The dog

Ian Weinberg · He stood there alone. All around him lay destruction. Still smouldering was the skeletal remains of his homestead. There was an eerie silence apart from the occasional breeze and the rustling of some debris. At his feet lay the mortal remains of his erstwhile life partner, now a ...

5 years ago

Time to transcend the Flat Earth Society

Ian Weinberg · Let me share a revelationary moment with you – your five senses convey only a very small part of the prevailing spectrum of reality. Yes it’s true that we’ve invented ingenious machines that broaden that perception, but the design of those machines still reflects our narrowed per ...

5 years ago

A Long Jump in Time

Gert Scholtz · Two years ago I barely exercised. I had always kept reasonably fit but I had fallen into a lull with little motivation for any sport. Passing by a running track one day, I thought, why not go back to what I was once good at - athletics? · I began running and sprinting as I had do ...

5 years ago

The Craft of Writing

Gert Scholtz · I write regularly and will always continue to do so. The immersive experience of formulating ideas and putting thoughts to paper is a natural high to me. From outlining a theme, choosing an apt title, scribbling down thoughts, writing up a draft, revising paragraphs, and changing ...

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