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Gwyneth Coetzee

2 months ago

in CME Talent Pool

Estate Manager Opportunity in Cape Town

🌟 Estate Manager Opportunity 🌟

Are you a seasoned property management professional with a passion for community, compliance, and financial acumen?

We are looking for you!!

Send your CV to the below email if you fit the criteria.

Est I


Estate Manager

Cape Town

You should possess property and
security management expertise,
vendor management skills,
financial acumen, interpersonal
and conflict resolution abilities,

and familiarity with building plans Requirements

and specifications.


* Relevant Degree/ Diploma
The role involves maintaining the n Property Management or

ERC CR RIL EEN CER related field
community relations, and e Min. 3-5 years experience in

adherence to design regulations, property management,

making it a critical link between preferably in a residential

the client BNE] VEIT estate setting.

stakeholders in a residential

La * Regulatory Knowledge
(ADCD) etc.

Send our CV:

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