Thandazwa Cekiso

Cape Town, City of Cape Town

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About me:

Professional Skills Overview 

Ability to Work Successfully in a Team: Teamwork is a key part of my current role.  It is therefore important to work as part of a team with my colleagues towards the successful completion of any task required.

Ability to Communicate: Communication is vital in any business and in any role and I have learnt to ensure that I need to communicate effectively in all my roles.

Motivated & Disciplined: I am a self-motivated, self-disciplined, honest, and trustworthy person.  I will always go the extra mile and not hesitate to work the extra hours to get the job done and believe I will be valuable to any organization.

Skills Learned: Groupage Dynamic Skills, Preparing, Planning and Conducting my Work Properly.  Working with well individuals, Teamwork, Communication Skills and Negotiation Skills, Management Skills, Working Independently, Customer Relations and Care.  Research, Negotiating and Liaisons Skills and Computer Skills (Ms Excel 2010, MS Word, MS Access, Compu-clear, Core Freight, JDE and SAP)

I feel certain that the skills I have gained throughout my career will be of value to you and your organization.  I have also obtained excellent communication skills which are essential when dealing with difficult and complicated issues that we face every day. I am an energetic, vibrant, diligent, and dynamic professional with a proven track record of excellence-driven performance, an individual who is passionate about my career and self-improvement.  I am an analytical individual with complete business acumen to be an excellent contributor, I have a great sense of time urgency accompanied by attention to detail and developed interpersonal skills at various organizational levels.  I possess the ability to plan thus resulting in resources and time being used effectively.  I am a reliable, loyal, and hardworking individual with the determination and willingness to succeed.  I am highly articulate, confident, and a persuasive team player, with the ability to motivate and communicate.  I possess excellent people skills and have the ability to establish, grow and sustain relationships.  I have been well recognized for dependability, attention to detail, high energy levels, enthusiasm, and leadership skills.  I am an ambitious and committed person, striving to achieve all personal and career goals through innovation and integrity. 

In addition, I strive for perfection in my career and would be well suited to an organization where there is an opportunity for growth.  I am a firm believer that a positive outlook will always benefit me as well as my employer to achieve greater heights in my private as well as all business sectors. 

I look forward to having the opportunity to make a positive impact within your organization.  Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can arrange an interview to discuss my CV and application in greater depth, thank you for your time and consideration.


I have 

*Bcom in Logistics and Transport

*Diploma in Trade and Transport

*Diploma in Management assistance


I have proven knowledge and experience and can easily adapt to working in a high-pressured environment, with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables.  I deal effectively with managers,  on a regular basis.  I have made numerous contributions to my present employer that has been beneficial to us both.  These accomplishments are derived from my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, strong attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic.  My background has given me the hands-on experience that would contribute to your organisation’s goals and objectives.  I am a self-driven professional, with a passion for supporting the business to achieve its objectives through sound and effective skills and capabilities.  My organisational and planning skills are excellent and include the aptitude to re-appraise priorities quickly.  I am able to handle a number of tasks simultaneously in a calm and effective manner.  I have developed my capacity in evaluating situations and identifying appropriate courses of action, I have also developed excellent leadership skills, including the ability to remain composed and polite and to diffuse situations, when required.  I am competent to follow directives and work in an unsupervised capacity, in which instance I have learned to rely on my logic as well as my intuition to guide me in my choices for appropriate action.  I am a confident, enthusiastic, and hardworking individual who has a passion for delivering quality service.    

What kind of projects is Thandazwa Cekiso looking for?

Logistic pr Transport Team leader or Manager

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