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Queen Mudau

Queen Mudau

Data scientist
Hammanskraal, North-West


About Queen Mudau:

I am a Data Scientist who is passionate about learning and exploring new endeavours .

During my studies for Masters Degree I developed the love for  Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Any mention of these three gets me excited and my heart pumping faster.

I have worked on various projects on  Images, video, audio and text such as processing, object detection, activity recognition, Medical Image Analysis, object tracking using state of the art YOLO7, image segmentation and Classification.

While working on this project I have made myself adapt in various python packages like Pytorch, TensorFlow, OpenCv and many more. most of all gained  knowledge to work with highly complex and non-standard(medical) problems in (2D and 3D)

I'm an Expert in Linear algebra, Engineering Mathematics and  Calculus. Currently I'm implementing a research paper by DR.SURESH L which focus on detecting and classification of objects in satellite images using CNN

As we all  know that the devil is in the details, and I have talent for spotting flaws when they exist. In simple terms I'm attention to detail and a fast learner.


As a skilled Data scientist, I had the privilege of creating and implementing a sophisticated chatbot for a prominent bank by harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP). This endeavor marked a significant milestone in my career, showcasing both my technical expertise and my ability to deliver innovative solutions that enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

My journey began by thoroughly understanding the bank's requirements and objectives for the chatbot. By collaborating closely with stakeholders, I gained insights into the specific pain points customers faced while interacting with traditional banking services. These insights guided the development process, ensuring that the chatbot's capabilities aligned seamlessly with the bank's vision.

The foundation of the chatbot was built upon cutting-edge NLP technologies. Leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning and language processing, I designed a robust and context-aware conversational model. This enabled the chatbot to comprehend and respond to a wide range of user queries, from account inquiries and transaction history to loan applications and financial advice.

One of the standout features of the chatbot was its ability to provide personalized assistance. Through careful integration of user profiles, transaction histories, and behavioral patterns, the chatbot could tailor its responses to each individual, offering relevant and timely information. This not only improved customer satisfaction but also showcased the bank's commitment to delivering a tailored banking experience.

To ensure the chatbot's reliability and accuracy, I implemented a comprehensive system for continuous learning and improvement. This involved setting up mechanisms to gather user feedback, analyze interactions, and fine-tune the underlying NLP algorithms. Over time, the chatbot became increasingly adept at understanding complex queries, recognizing nuances in language, and adapting to changing trends in customer preferences.

Another significant achievement was the integration of security measures into the chatbot's architecture. Given the sensitive nature of banking transactions and data, I implemented robust authentication and encryption protocols. This ensured that user information remained confidential and protected throughout the interaction, fostering trust and compliance with industry regulations.




Masters in data science 

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