AJ Snyman

Mossel Bay, Eden District Municipality

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About me:

As a passionate, determined, goal – driven and dynamic professional, I strive to achieve optimal results. I have gained valuable experience at various levels and believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

National and International key expertise gained include General and Operations Management, Management ; Property, Facilities and Staff Management; Training and Development.

With excellent communication, networking and well-developed interpersonal skills, I integrate well within a team and have the ability to form trusted relationships with subordinates, clients as well as superiors.

Whilst focusing on the job, I am able to keep my eye on the horizon, growing and adapting organically to the environment that I am placed in. My proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to company objectives has allowed me to be innovative in unlocking my growth. It is my strong belief that the detail lies in the execution, focus and timing.

My leadership style is based on mutual respect, honest communication and trust, whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line. I maintain a strong work ethic and governance and have a healthy competitive attitude and thrive under pressure.


International Hospitality


Gained experience working for the Saudi Royal Family serving Princes, Kings, A Middle East Sheik, British Lord’s, President Nelson Mandela and several other high-profile guests. I have worked in stately homes for eleven years managing large teams, overseeing up to nine homes simultaneously all over England, North / South America, Europe, Africa, the middle east and the East, containing up to 60 roomed properties to maintain large grounds, a fleet of luxurious vehicles and an average of over 45 staff per property to lead and direct. Function coordinating for guests from 10 to 200.

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