Tayla Malagas

Cape Town, City of Cape Town

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About me:

My name is Tayla Malagas, a 23 year old Industrial Psychology Graduate.

I have always been a hard working, disciplined student and employee; where all my efforts are put into each individual task with thorough inspection and execution.

I am known to have a bubbly personality and quite extroverted, making team work for me so much fun and easy.

I am currently an HR Intern and would like to further my studies by doing my Masters part time in Industrial Psychology. This internship would assist me with gaining the relevant practical experience for my studies. I am very passionate about my studies and hope to share my passion with your company.

I respect authority and rules, take every opportunity I can to learn and grow, and to make the most out of any situation.


I graduated in 2021 with my Bachelors of Commerce Industrial Psychology Honours. 


I worked part-time as a ad-hoc usher for 4 years at the Baxter Theatre Centre. I encountered and assisted 1000s of people a week, this is where my passion for helping people and learning to understand them came from. I completed my qualifications whilst working and when I finished my Honours, I was hired as an HR Intern at Maitland Group. I am currently completing my 1 year internship until December 2021. 

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