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What Kitty Did Next - The Chesterfield Sofa Incident...

What Kitty Did Next - The Chesterfield Sofa Incident...



One night I was bored.  I wandered about the room.  Fingers decorated with paper cigar rings, a Romeo e Julietta in my hand.  I took the occasional puff and added some more brandy to my glass.

The men had draped their jackets all over the room.  Folio Cases and Briefs lay scattered all over.  I slipped my hand into the pocket of a dove gray suit right in the middle of the room.  The Wallet went into my satchel.  I acted quickly.  I lifted papers and small packets of white powder. I then slipped into my lair behind a large dark brown Chesterfield Sofa.  I spread the wallets out in a fan in front of me.  The papers I pushed under the couch.  I opened the wallets.

I took the coins and amassed quite a pile on my right hand side, just behind me.  I spread out the credit cards.  I started sorting them according to colour.  I then pulled out paper money, cheques, and business cards and started ripping them up and piled them up on the floor in front of me.  On went the little packets of white powder.  On went more business cards and some toothpicks.

I puffed and puffed on my cigar, then lent down and set fire to the money.

When the powders caught fire acrid white smoke began to rise.

I quickly filed the credit cards back into the wallets.  

Uncle Ewan peered over the couch.  He quenched my fire; the plastic was making an unpleasant smell.

Faces from all around appeared out of the smoke from my bonfire and the cigars.

Uncle Ewan smiled at me.  Holding out his hands he asked me to bring everything with me around.

I strolled in with the wallets and brief cases.  Most had been opened.

My father joined me and stood at my left.  Uncle Ewan had my right hand.

"Now I tell you all how this is going to play out" he said, commanding the room.

"Kitty here will keep all the money."

"You will spend the rest of the party swapping cards, information and contacts."

Sweeping me from the room my anxious father rushed me to the hospital.  My hands were white with the powders.

A few days later I carried on and ruined yet another diplomat's party. Free form art work in white powders which also included sugar, icing sugar, aspirin, bicarbonate of soda and salt decorated the private wing of a residence.

When I was officially five we returned to the UK.

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I love Architecture. I think it's vital to talk about all aspects of Architecture - whether it be planning, construction, design or green building. I have written 3 E-Books & over 110 articles. Please feel free to let me know if you have any queries regarding architecture, planning & construction & I will assist you.

I am originally from the UK and moved to South Africa in 1999.  I started Blue Designs in 2004 after working as a driver for Avalon Construction on a luxury home in the Featherbrook Estate.  In my spare time I am an artist and writer (The Naked Architect -  & ).

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Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #10

Thank you Chris \ud83d\udc1d Guest - I am thinking of making the next bit up - 'what happened to Kitty when she was 55'?

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #9

Thank you Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee - I am constantly inspired by all the story tellers I have met!

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #8

scarletpimpernel #redbutton #blackbutton #thenakedarchitect #clairelcardwell #clairecardwell #rebelhippy #whatdidkittydonext?

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #7

Funny you should say that Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee - I have almost finished Africa's Lost Children - What Kitty Did Next, also got The Tales of an Angel with No Name and No Face to pull together and a wee cook book , last night I made chicken livers again on the fire. Yum.

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #6

FYI I do not put rolls of paper and leaves in my mouth and light the end anymore. Haven't bothered for about 2 years. Tobacco is good for getting rid of fleas on Chicken Wings. Do you have fleas in your lungs? Currently I am flea free, ergo I don't need to set small fires.

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #5

Thank you for the share Mohammed Abdul Jawad!

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #4

There's nuts and nuts Chris \ud83d\udc1d Guest - our almonds are far more preferable to cob nuts in February in the UK at 4am at Parsons Mead Boarding School. (Spoiler Alert - I was not sleepwalking, I was pretending).

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #3

Serendipity is my favourite word Chris \ud83d\udc1d Guest - how are your boys? Still running rings around the competition in Qatar? And your lovely wife, is she still buying lots of carpets?

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #2

Chris \ud83d\udc1d Guest - as per request made in 2018 - The Chesterfield Incident - the fulcrum after party in the SAS Club in Kensington was a great party.

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #1

It was a toss up between The Scientist and Fly On by Coldplay -

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