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The Rock Concert

The Rock Concert

Sometimes I make an effort to give my children a unique experience – only to realize later I have actually experienced something quite outstanding. After some begging and cajoling by my two late teens, a few months ago I purchased tickets for the “not to be missed” rock concert coming to Johannesburg.

On the day we drove to the largest public venue in South Africa – me wondering what this hyped spectacle will be about. A Guns N’ Roses concert. About 40 000 tickets sold in a stadium housing a stage seven stories high and covering the width of a football field. We take our cheap (but still hellishly expensive) seats high up in the stadium.

Waiting for the show to begin, deep bass music playing through speakers the size of a house, groupies galore, and a  crowd bubbling (some literally) with excitement. And this is where I start losing the plot.

The band takes the stage, huge cheers from the crowd, and Roses N’ Guns (?) erupt in a musical cacophony so loud I can’t even speak to my wife who is sitting right next to me. “Aren’t they great?” my daughter shouts. "The best!" my son echoes. I groan and wonder how am I going to sit through three hours of this. How on earth does anyone for that matter rock and roll and hop and bop and jive and sing to such deafening noise?

Song four, the stage is quiet for a few seconds and then I start getting it. The lead guitarist, a dude they call Slash, walks onto the stage and starts playing the first chords of “Double Talkin’ Jive”. I watch, watch more as the tempo increases, and then sit mesmerized by the sheer ability this rocker displays. The dexterity, the speed and the harmonies he brings forth with electric strings is something I had never seen before. All done with the calm precision of a music maestro. I’m hooked for the rest of the show. 

I didn’t realize I was watching one of the best rock guitar players in the world. Slash (alias Saul Hudson) is listed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time. 

As we drive home my son fills me in: “Dad, did you know you and Slash are the same age?" Nope, I definitely did not know. And neither did I know how I would enjoy musical brilliance of a different kind. Even at this age. 

 Guns N' Roses

 Double Talkin' Jive 

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Lisa Vanderburg

1 year ago #14

haha....I am trying (no italics here), yet I think the last concert I went to was M Jackson 'Bad' in Spain? Typical!! Great to read you again Gert Scholtz!!

Nick Mlatchkov

3 years ago #13

Axl has the resources to make more adventurous music rather than redo stuff over & over again . .. Look at Radiohead fe as the other option.

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #12

Pascal Derrien Many thanks for the information Pascal. I will look out for the autobiography. Have a rocking day!

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #11

I saw GNR in their prime and it was a bit chaotic to put it mildly they were different in those days I think it’s more a money making machine nowadays wit Axl being.a corporate entertainer rather than a musician that said. Slah talent is way above the average but he has been complacent in studio and never managed to replicate his stage persona on a record Duff Mc has written s great autobiography you may like it Gert 👍😉

Nick Mlatchkov

3 years ago #10

This WC was a memorable one.

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #9

Chris \ud83d\udc1d Guest Melissa Reese who played the synthesizers. Venue was Soccer City which has a capacity of 92 000, and built in 2010 for the Soccer World Cup. Thanks for reading Chris!

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #8

CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit As our ages overlap so much, perhaps we have hidden overlapping music talent as well :). Thanks for the video - I was the one at the back with the striped shirt!

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #7

Debasish Majumder Thanks for the kinds words and the share Debasish. Glad you "rocked" along!

Nick Mlatchkov

3 years ago #6

Guns would be lucky if they can get even 10 000 in here ... lol

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #5

Sorry, mate! Didn't catch a word of that. Could you write a bit louder?

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #4

you are a lovely dad who can perfectly resonate with his children with a lovely musical tunes which surely created a symphony alone instead of cacophony! you really rocks! lovely buzz dear Gert Scholtz! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #3

Could not get a sense of scale you were describing until I allied your comments with a short video clip from the Jo'burg concert Now your description of the concert becomes vividly clear. Axel Rose turns out to be 2 days older than my younger brother and therefore one year younger than me. If there ever was something Generation X about us both, this video proves it.

Ian Weinberg

3 years ago #2

Ja-nee OomGert Scholtz Kyk hoe lyk hy nou! Been watching them on YouTube - seriously talented guys.

🎸👏 - Wow - Guns N' Roses - great group and great post Gert Scholtz!

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