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Safety Officer

Experienced and knowledgeable health and safety coordinator familiar with all required industrial safety procedures and policies. An HSE professional with nearly 3 years of working experience prepared to begin enforcing and establishing safety rules immediately. History in the safety field with a proven track record of preventing accidents and injuries. A candidate who combines loyalty and dedication with a strong attention to small details. Skills.

Extensively familiar with mandated safety policies and standard safety procedures for most industrial disciplines. -Confident leading and managing others, ensuring all employees follow instructions precisely. - Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. -Strong attention to small details that may create dangerous situations. -Organized, familiar with administrative responsibilities, and decision making abilities

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Donald Nelson

1 month ago #4

I confronted comparable sort of issue last time, I am as yet looking for some appropriate arrangement. 

Michael Lytle

1 month ago #3

Responding to and investigating potential workplace incidents. Conducting regular safety inspections. Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation. Giving advice on health and safety, technical, and legal issues.

Gerson Delfinafurt G

Gerson Delfinafurt

1 month ago #2

Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me..

Vutomi Mabunda

4 months ago #1

I am interested in this job