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AI Dominance in SEO: A Myth

AI Dominance in SEO: A Myth


The supremacy of ChatGPT or Google BARD over SEO is highly unlikely. Similarly, their takeover of any aspect of SEO is improbable. SEO, being a vast and complex field, cannot be entirely replaced by any AI tool or technology. The numerous fundamentals that make up SEO cannot be covered by any AI tool, as proven by thorough research.

Instead, AI tools such as ChatGPT/BARD/AI should be considered as additional tools that can enhance an SEO's capabilities, much like a screwdriver in a handyman's toolkit. However, one should not use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. Similarly, AI tools have their use cases, but they are not a substitute for human creativity and intelligence. We build websites for people, not robots.

AI tools can only process data, and they cannot obtain the unique real-world experiences that humans can. They do not feel, touch, or understand use cases and experiences. As a paid user, I have used AI tools such as ChatGPT and have found them helpful in several instances. However, these tools are not capable of doing everything I want them to do.

One should not be afraid of AI, but rather embrace it. Nevertheless, AI tools cannot replace human input when it comes to SEO. Google has recognized this fact by introducing 7 Product Review updates to their algorithm since 2021. Google has also made a significant update to their "quality rater guidelines" in 2022, where "E-A-T is gaining an E: Experience" to better assess results. Google looks for content that demonstrates that it was produced with some degree of experience, such as actual use of a product, having visited a place, or communicating what a person experienced.

Real-world experiences are critical, and AI cannot obtain them. That is why SEO will never die out, as users need SEO and SEOs need humans, not robots.


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