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    Default job background

    The QC Manager will work closely with the QC Managers at the individual processing plants, 3rd party South African processors and 3rd party processors in other origins and 3rd party value adders and contract packers, to ensure that customers are delivered safe and within approved specification product at all times. This work will include:
    Developing, implementing and managing a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) for the business that is integrated where possible with existing systems within other areas of the business.
    Ensuring the best possible level of QA Management is provided to all customers and that our products have the reputation for being the worlds premier nut products.
    Managing and coordinating all QA requirements between the businesses in the group, 3rd party processors and product suppliers for bulk raw product, value added product, private label and branded retail products.
    Ensuring that all product sold is food safe and meets the quality standards of the relevant customer and market and that the business and its suppliers are never exposed to any potential food safety issues or liabilities.
    Manage the QA requirements associated with the procurement of raw materials and finished product from 3rd party processors, value adders, manufacturers, packers and suppliers.

    Develop, implement and then manage a QMS and where appropriate integrate it with the other businesses in the group
    Manage the companies'' QA document register and all QA documentation
    Achieve and then maintain all required 3rd party QA accreditations for the business from the relevant QA authorities and registration bodies including BRC
    Attend and report on any quality assurance meetings
    Report any quality or food safety issues to senior management as and when appropriate

    Manage the flow of QA documentation to and from customers
    Complete all customer vendor questionnaires and queries
    Assist the Sales Managers to establish vendor accounts with new customers.
    Ensure that the business always has the valid QA documentation from all suppliers and processors, both internal and external
    Ensure all customers are always in possession of up-to-date QA certificates and documentation, both internal and 3rd party

    Check and approve all supplier CoAs before the shipment of product to customers
    Where and when appropriate inspect supplier product prior to shipment or release of stock to customers
    In particular inspect 3rd party supplier product prior to shipment or release to customers and request rework of the product by the supplier if it does not meet specification or the customer requirements
    Also inspect the business product prior to release if there is any doubt about it meeting specifications or customer requirements
    Work with customers when required to have them approve the shipment of product that is outside of the normal specification but can still be used by the customer for agreed applications

    Work closely with the New Product Development Manager and suppliers / processors on the
    development of value added and new products
    Assist with the development and documentation of specifications for new products and ensure they are kept up to date
    Ensure that all recipes for new products are properly documented and the Intellectual
    Property is secured within the business

    Manage regular audits of the Quality Assurance System to ensure continued compliance and accreditation
    Manage and or arrange/co-ordinate customer audits of all in-house and 3rd party processors, value adders, manufacturers, packers and suppliers where required
    Work closely with the New Product Development Manager to conduct accreditation and regular audits of all 3rd party processors, value adders, manufacturers, packers and suppliers
    Conduct random inspections and tests of all in-house and 3rd party processors, value adders, manufacturers, packers and suppliers and report results

    Manage and ensure uniformity of the business specifications across all in-house and 3rd party processors.
    Work closely with the other business QA Manager to regularly review and update all companies'' specifications and create new ones for any new products developed by the business.
    In co-ordination with the New Product Development Manager, develop and manage the company specifications for all newly developed product from 3rd party processors including value add, private label and retail.

    Manage all incoming customer Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) and customer complaints and co-ordinate the investigation, corrective action and responses with the business and or 3rd party processors and suppliers and respond to customers
    When appropriate visit customers to investigate NCRs, inspect the associated product and negotiate a suitable resolution with the customer and the supplier of the product.
    Issue and manage any outgoing supplier Non-Conformance Reports to internal processors and 3rd party processors, value adders, manufacturers, packers and suppliers then monitor corrective actions and close NCRs when resolved
    Manage and co-ordinate any potential product recalls with processors, manufacturers and customers
    Perform mock recalls as required
    Work closely with the General Manager and the Data Analyst in the design and implementation of an NCR management module within the CRM and Sales Management system that is being implemented.

    Prepare regular quality reports for management as required.
    Any other task reasonably requested by the General Manager.

    Sign off audits both internal and 3rd party processors and suppliers
    Approve Certificates of Analysis before dispatch and if necessary, suspend dispatch pending
    further investigation or customer approval or General Manager approval of product for the
    customer, market or application.
    Inspect and / or request additional testing of product prior to dispatch or delivery if necessary.
    Issue NCRs.

    Reports to General Manager
    Liaise with:
    General Manager and QA Manager
    New Product Development Manager
    Sales Managers
    3rd party QA Managers
    Customers QA Managers

    Qualifications and Experience
    A recognised Quality Assurance or Food Science degree
    Minimum five years of experience in Quality Control in the food manufacturing or trading sector
    Experience with nuts will be highly regarded
    Demonstrated familiarity with Quality Management Systems such as HACCP, BRC, Kosher and Halal

    Personal Characteristics and Traits:
    High attention to detail
    Strong personality but naturally polite and diplomatic
    Effective written and verbal communication skills
    Demonstrated strong organisational ability

    Salary - Market related