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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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Job specifications and information:

The market development manager will report to the head of marketing at Interslab, South Africa's top surface supplier.

The market development manager is responsible for the development, expansion and maintenance of the company's markets in the retail and design space - with a view to preserving the company's existing market share, as well as the expansion and development of that market share across all brands and regions.

Specific areas of focus:

Ensuring the global brands are represented professionally to the public.
Management and training of a 14-member sales consultant team across South Africa.
Monthly checking of consultants credit card recons and call sheets.
The management of the various brands warranty programs and technical support team.
Managing the Interslab leads protector. Preparing and distributing regional monthly reports thereof.
The management and oversight of the company's involvement in all trade shows.

In consultation with the head of marketing to conceptualise and oversee the design, costing, building, functioning and operation of the company's branded show stands.

Manage the marketing stock and the marketing materials controller.
Manage the budget, planning and ordering of all marketing materials used by the company.
Manage the kitchen and interior designer development, as well as incentive programmes.
Manage the assessment, authorisation and budget control of branded display slabs for showrooms.

Skills and competencies:

Relationship building:

it is vital that the incumbent has the capacity, potential, and skill to build strong relationships and to meet regularly with the head of marketing, the projects manager, and regional branch managers to ensure that the approach to markets is consistent, is making provision for regional differences, and enhances the contribution being made by other members of the Interslab team.

As a relationally driven position it requires a high level of social and emotional intelligence, as well as the ability to motivate, discipline and manage members of the team in a fair, competent and consistent manner.

Team leader:

the incumbent must have the ability to build a strong team spirit and provide motivational leadership to ensure that the team always functions at its optimum potential.

The incumbent needs to have the capacity to maintain reasonable levels of discipline and have the ability to deal with unacceptable and sub-standard performance by a team member should this occur.

Responsible and trustworthy:

this position carries a significant level of responsibility and requires the incumbent to be competent in the ability to operate somewhat independently, understand and embrace the company's goals, standards and objectives.

It requires a good understanding of the markets the company operates in.

It requires a particularly strong sense of customer centricity, a natural disposition to good public relations and customer experience delivery.

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