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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

beBee Recruiter

Develop and implement strategic plans for Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Procurement, Quality and Security divisions.

Develop and implement operational strategies that align with the Company s overall goals and objectives.

Give input into business planning process

Align departmental plans to business plan

Cascade plans to staff in a meaningful way

Delegate appropriate authority levels to key managers

Review plans quarterly to ensure currency and appropriateness

Oversee day-to-day operations of the company

Develop and execute plans to improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction

Ensure that the measurements of achievement of operational plans are in place and constantly monitored such as:
OEE and buffer levels are kept to target.

Optimise Equipment Utilisation.

Making use of data-driven decisions to Improve operations

Ensuring a service level of 97% is maintained

Complete monthly operations assessments

Identify and mitigate risks associated with operations and take proactive measures to prevent disruptions

Implement an asset care management system

Recommend and justify replacement of strategic equipment.

Manage operations projects

Collect operations information and disseminate appropriately to the Company to facilitate decision-making

Keep up to date with industry trends and developments and identify opportunities for the company to innovate and grow

Quality ensuring that all operations are in compliance with local and international regulations and standards.

Implement and maintain ISO 9001 system.

Coordination of various audits as required by customers (Disney, Sedex, ISO)

Ensure scrap and rework is controlled within targets

Investigate all returns and complaints and measuretrends

Security, Safety, Health & Environment

Ensure OHSACT & regulations are complied with, creating a safe, clean healthy environment

Implement a NOSA 5-star management system or equivalent (ISO)

Ensure a well-maintained access control environment

Leadership - Effective People Management and businessrelationships

Develop a team of operations professionals to achieve Company goals Foster a spirit of committed teamwork

Identify and address problems and opportunities central to business success

Plan, select, develop and maintain suitable manpower capabilities as required in order to achieve company goals

Ensure recruitment strategy is aligns to the business plan

Ensure organisational focus on Employment Equity and diversity issues

Implement job profile and performance agreements for all subordinates.

Skills assessments and encourage and support training needs where necessitated by organisational needs

Proactively identify opportunities for individual development

Ensure compliance to IR practices in the company

Provide employee support

Develop infrastructures for business relationships

Identify a clear line of succession and develop action plans

Develop contingency plans to ensure organisational sustainability

Maintain sound corporate governance within the organization

Ensure justifiable decision-making after appropriate consultation and always considering the position of related stakeholders

Decision making with justifications must be for the good of the organisation

Reflect corporate values regularly assess and communicate

Lead by example in organisational ethics and morals and take strong action against non-adherence to values, ethics and codes

Full accountability with relevant explanations

Ensure transparency

Manage relationships with suppliers and customers, acting as a liaison between the Company and external partners

Ensuring financial discipline

Provide budgetary resources and assess budget

Develop funding proposals in line with strategic vision

Analise spending trends

Reconciliations on a monthly basis timeously reporting expense deviations

Monitor budget management investigate and probe any variances

Develop capex funding proposals in line with strategic requirements

Manage relationships and interfaces

Maintain an open-door policy

Remove operational obstacles

Provide problem-solving assistance

Delegate appropriate authority

Implement and monitor effective business communication process

Encourage team-based decision makingSmooth business processes

Involvement in community-based high profile sustainable development, and community service initiatives

Assess country/regional issues and develop a broad action plan at regular intervals

Identify and develop political and business affiliations where appropriate

Build relationships at highest levels to ensure enduring business affiliations

Solve critical issues at highest levels

Identify critical personnel in core business partners and competitors Support industry affiliations


In-depth understanding of production management principles and processes

In-depth understanding of a production environment

Good understanding of project management

Good knowledge of key financial principles

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