Systems Administrator - Randburg, South Africa - Scitech Placements

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    We are looking for a Network Administrator, Sandton

    Overview of the job:

    - Overseeing the administration, maintenance and network support for Microsoft, Unix & Linux-based systems.
    - Facilitating knowledge transfer amongst colleagues.
    - The following additional responsibilities and accountabilities are listed according to priority:

    Network And Server Support

    Your duties include:

    • Setting up user email accounts.
    • Monitoring email accounts and disk space.
    • Ensuring daily backup operations are performed and checked.
    • Managing remote access.
    • Updating servers with the latest service packs.
    • Filtering and controlling email via Spam Control Software.
    • Administering internet access using individual and content filtering software.
    • Overseeing administrative tasks and maintenance of Microsoft, Linux, and Unixbased operating systems.
    • Handling all firewall and network switches.
    • Performing administration and maintenance of all hardware.

    Technical Support
    Your role includes technical support for the hosted services in Development, Quality Assurance, and Production environments:

    • Monitor the functionality of hosted services 24/7/36
    • Provide primary support in case of component failure or error reporting, especially through monitoring logs and system reports.
    • Oversee the operational activities of the hosted services and implement corrective measures when needed.
    • Assist and oversee deployment tasks when they occur.

    These tasks include (but aren't limited to):

    • Managing communication with external parties, customers, payment gateways, and banks, depending on the communication mechanisms in place.

    Desktop Support

    Your responsibilities include:

    • Installing new PCs as per company guidelines.
    • Maintaining PCs and printers in a costeffective manner.
    • Supporting and training users to maximize the potential of their equipment.
    • Proactively identifying and solving problems.

    Local Area Network (Lan) Support

    Your duties include:

    • Coordinating with the designated department (DD) to install new network points.
    • Coordinating with DD to relocate existing network points.

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