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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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Integrated Medicine and Science:

  • Coordinating the annual medical screenings of all studentathletes in the identified HP Sport squads;
  • Supporting the empowerment of Maties Sport coaches, teams and studentathletes to optimise the use of evidencebased interventions that ensures the enhancement of athletic performance;
  • Supporting the Maties Sport Injury Clinic and injury management programme through injury reporting, and attending the Maties Sport Injury programme management meetings;
  • Coordinating the annual Drug Free Sport talk delivered by the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS);
  • Contributing to the overall functioning of the Maties Sport HP Unit Integrated Medicine and Science programme and its future by accepting responsibilities for Unit sustainability, and adhering to a code of highperformance ethics.

Performance Enhancement:

  • Designing, supporting and managing the annual periodisation plans for gymnasiumbased and fieldbased strength and conditioning interventions for HP sport codes within the HP Unit's central philosophy;
  • Designing, implementing, supporting and managing performance enhancement strategies throughout the annual performance plan and at competitions;
  • Designing, delivering, supporting and managing HP Sport Codespecific prehabilitation programmes (team and individual);
  • Designing, delivering, supporting and managing HP Sport Codespecific strength programmes (team and individual) across a range of fundamental movement patterns and biomotor abilities;
  • Designing, delivering, supporting and managing HP Sport Codespecific metabolic and biomotor ability conditioning programmes (team and individual);
  • Leading and coordinating the implementation of sport technologybased vision and decision training, performance analysis, performance measuring and training load monitoring services to inform decisions regarding training and competitions of HP Sport Codes team and individual support programmes;
  • Providing accurate and informative written and verbal reports to coaches, managers and the HP Unit;
  • Managing, implementing, providing oversight, and delivering on talent development pathway programmes.


  • Understanding and knowledge of the HP Sport Codes' "big picture" provincial, national, federations, etc;
  • Performance managing the strength and conditioning programme component of the IMAS Accelerated Personal Development Plan of identified studentathletes;
  • Collaborating with the Centre for Sport Leadership to support studentathletes utilising all services of the HP Unit in the delivery of community impact projects or any other strategic events;
  • Supporting the HP Unit's recruitment, training, and managing of strength and conditioning interns / assistants to support strength and conditioning services of the Maties Sport HP Programme.

Sport Technology:

  • Contributing to the academic footprint of Maties Sport by supporting research projects within the HP Unit's IMAS programme and the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM);
  • Maintaining all sport technology equipment in working order and reporting any technological faults/issues to the

Senior Manager:

High Performance:
Maties Sport;

  • Using technology to inform decisions about physical training programmes, as well as the management of player load and fatigue.


Maties Gymnasium High Performance Centre:

  • Pro-actively liaising with Maties Sport club managers, coaches, and student-athletes, and communicating all Maties Gymnasium-related processes and requirements with regards to bursary gymnasium memberships and HP squads;
  • Ensuring that the HP booking schedule is completed and always uptodate as per the SOP;
  • Collaborating in terms of the management of the HP training area of the Maties Gymnasium studentathlete training facility to optimise the use thereof by all Maties Sport HP teams and individual studentathletes.
Job Requirements/Pos Vereistes

  • At least a recognised postgraduate sport science / biokinetics degree with specialisation in strength and conditioning;
  • The ability to work effectively and collaboratively as part of an integrated medicine and science support team;
  • At least four years' experience of strength and conditioning in a highperformance environment;
  • Technical proficiency and practical working experience of gathering data and translating the results generated by technology to high performance teams and athletes;
  • The ability to accurately measure and monitor essential physical components with studentathletes;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Effective leadership in the management of people;
  • Excellent computer skills with regard to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive and Outlook;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively;
  • The ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team, as well as independently;
  • The ability to tak

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