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    Crisis24 Solutions (PTY) LTD, Block A, The Terraces, Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa Req #11127

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    At Crisis24, we go beyond mere employment; we pave the way to a realm where your skills become instrumental in shaping global security, guiding clients through a multifaceted and challenging landscape. Your journey with us will be deeply fulfilling, driven by a powerful sense of purpose and accomplishment. Within our thriving environment, you'll discover abundant chances for both personal and career advancement. Seize this moment to push your limits, broaden your expertise, and elevate your professional journey to unprecedented levels. Join the Crisis24 team today and be a part of something extraordinary where growth and impact converge.

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    Who We Are Looking For

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  • Cape Town-based GIS technician, fluent in English, for maintenance of our location database and content.
  • At least one year of GIS work using skills in desktop applications (e.g. ArcGIS Pro, QGIS) and ability to work in key formats, such as geojson, kml, and Esri shapefile.
  • Bachelor's degree in GIS, Geoinformatics, or a science field using GIS skills is preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of geography.
  • Familiarity with GIS data and gazetteer resources, such as OSM and , and data acquisition.
  • The candidate must possess good attention to detail and be a strong writer (English).
  • The ability to speak and write in French is highly desirable.
  • Ability to research and synthesize information.
  • The successful candidate will work in a hybrid work schedule at Crisis24's Cape Town office.
  • What You Will Work On

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  • Add locations to an internal system for tagging alerts and tracking itineraries for business travelers, populating metadata fields such as alternate names, Geonames ID, administrative or government parent structure, and the geometry using .geojson format.
  • Carryout proactive checks of our spatial data, including city, ADM1/state or provincial, and country-level data, for alignment with current boundaries. We use open-source data (chiefly OSM) and work with platforms such as Mapbox to display maps for clients.
  • Check, create or modify spatial data as needed to populate database using Esri ArcGIS Pro of QGIS and various tools developed by our engineers. This includes reducing precision and simplification of files.
  • Update location intelligence guides for clients with material supplied by regional subject matter experts.
  • Assist analysts with data compilation and preparation for mapping.
  • Work with software engineer teams to trouble-shoot issues in our applications using the database and to identify best procedures and develop scripts for bulk data imports, audits, and the like.
  • Maintaining curated files for delineating national and subnational boundaries, districts or neighborhoods of major cities, rail lines, locations of airports, and other useful spatial data for analysis.
  • Who You Will Work With

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  • The GIS tech will work with Watch Operations Managers and several teams within Global Intelligence, who are responsible for monitoring and alerting significant events around the world, including disruptive weather or seismic events, transportation stoppages, protests and other civic disturbances, and crisis situations of all kinds.
  • GIS also works closely with the Business Integration team, responsible for important traveler tracking functions to provide duty of care, and several engineering teams responsible for all our company apps, such as Crisis24 HORIZON and legacy traveler safety & awareness apps, and our own toolset and platform used by analysts to create alerts and other intelligence for clients.
  • Our work involves creating and adjusting world map displays using MapBox and others to render threat zone areas, impact areas for alert events, exact locations of security and environmental incidents, client assets, and location information for cities, provinces, and countries around the world. We also maintain the locations database (chiefly populating metadata and obtaining appropriate spatial data).
  • We also assist regional analysts to populate and update the location intelligence that appears for clients in our apps. In this task, you will work with a global cadre of experts to apply ratings for risk in various categories and sub-categories for cities, provinces, and nations. You will also research and draft content for information of importance to travelers and expats on locations around the world.
  • What You Will Bring

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  • Ability to follow written procedures.
  • Good work ethic and communication skills; responsive and comfortable with asynchronous work at times.
  • Team-oriented outlook and willingness to coordinate with others across different organizations is essential; this is not a solo project.
  • Receptive to feedback and adaptable.
  • Experience in data entry and familiarity with database maintenance.
  • An understanding of Postgres/PostGIS and Oracle is desirable.
  • Some familiarity with Python, JavaScript, and SQL is needed, and working knowledge or experience in these or other scripting or query language is a plus.
  • Strong research skills.
  • The ability to write concisely and clearly in English with minimal corrections.
  • Information Security

    Protect the data and systems of Crisis24 and its stakeholders by adhering to policies, reporting incidents and potential problems, completing regular training, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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