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    Mechanical Design Engineer or Civil Engineer Life Lines Mozambique

    Our client is urgently looking for a Civil or Mechanical engineer with experience and certified to install and test life lines.

    Are you ready to revolutionise the world through innovative design solutions? Do you thrive on challenges and seek to push the boundaries of what's possible? If so, we want YOU to apply today to be a part of a dynamic team


    As a Mechanical Design Engineer, you will:
    Lead the design and development of innovative mechanical systems and components.
    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure design feasibility, functionality, and manufacturability.
    Utilise CAD software to create detailed designs and technical drawings.
    Conduct analysis, simulations, and testing to validate design concepts and performance.
    Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance product quality and efficiency.

    Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.
    Proven experience in mechanical design.
    Proficiency in CAD software (e.g., SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD).
    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

    Install engineered horizontal lifeline systems according to the approved design
    drawings and manufacturer's instructions. Do not load or stress the Fall Protection
    Systems until all materials and fasteners are properly installed and ready for service.
    Only an installation technician that is fully trained by manufacturer in the installation
    of the specific system shall perform the installation of the engineered lifeline system.
    iii. Fit equipment and appurtenances to the space provided and make readily
    serviceable. Coordinate work with CLIENT Maintenance Manager to minimize
    work disruption.
    iv. Furnish and install additional supports and hangers as may be required for the
    proper installation of equipment.
    v. The fall arrest system and the appurtenances shall be installed by the manufacturer
    or his authorized agent in accordance with drawings and approved manufacturer's
    instructions. Deliver all major components fully match marked.
    vi. Protect all equipment and fixtures furnished under this specification from damage
    during Installation.

    Field Touch-Up Painting:

    Touch up surfaces where the shop coat has been damaged using the same paint film thickness as the original shop coat.

    The candidate should have experience in:

    Horizontal Rigid Wire Rope:
    a fall arrest system with components and accessories for use
    when employees are working on top of a gantry in a designated bay. System shall consist
    of horizontal wire rope lifeline on top the bay, plus accessory items that adhere to the
    safety, design, and all other standards.
    The fall arrestor must be installed in compliance with all local, State and safety standards,

    including but not limited to:

    ANSI - America National Standards Institute:

    • ANSI Z , A10.32.

    Requirements for harness:
    Self Retracting Lifelines SRL) and drop lines for construction and industrial use.
    OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    • Title 29, Chapter XVII, Part 1910 and 1926
    • AWS - American Welding Society
    3. 1. AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code—Steel

    i. Coordinate and verify with CLIENT's personnel the equipment supplied the
    dimensions, loads, and clearances relating to fabrication of the equipment.

    Coordinate installation and furnish anchor bolts, support plates, and
    incidental items along with applicable drawings and instructions approved by
    CLIENT's engineer.
    iii. Inspect all materials delivered by CLIENT their original manufacturer's markings
    and identification intact. Reject materials that are damaged, improperly identified
    or not in conformance with reviewed shop drawings and catalogue.

    Application Instruction:
    Email CV and cover photograph to AND (head and shoulders).
    Only applicants that reach the minimum requirements will be considered.

    Please take note that initial correspondence will be via email
    Correspondence will be entered into with short-listed candidates only
    If you have not received a reply within 3 Weeks please consider your application unsuccessful