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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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2024/03/1- Reference Number


  • Job Title
Senior Change Management Specialist

  • Job Type

  • Location
  • Country
South Africa

  • Location
  • Province
Western Cape

  • Location
  • Town or City
Brackenfell, Cape Town

  • Purpose of the Job
The purpose of the Organisational Change Management Specialist role is to leverage Group Organisational Change
Management (OCM) assets and collateral, to enable aspects of the change management framework including
methodologies and practices as relevant within the end-to-end project management context. With an employee centric
approach, this role identifies people orientated change impacts including change to business processes, systems,
technologies, job outputs and or organisational structures. The role participates cross functionally to create and
implement change management strategies and operational plans that maximise employee adoption, minimize resistance,
and mitigate any people risks within the project context. Given various cross-functional stakeholders, the role navigates
stakeholder management strategies and influences the timing and selected course of action within the project scope,
mandate and goals. The role designs and implements robust change impact assessments that enable business to better
understand the required approach to reach adoption. The Senior Organisational Change Management Specialist
builds change capacity and capability by supporting and guiding leaders and Project Managers through change
management learning and alignment to frameworks, practices, policies and processes.

  • Job Advert Details
  • Job Category
Human Resources

  • Job Objectives
Change Impact Management

  • Leverages the OCM Group framework, methodology, and practices leverage and aligns relevant strategies and
operational outputs and leads change management interventions within the project context.

  • Creates a projectspecific change management strategy, based on the scope, mandate, goals, and context of the
project and respective inputs derived from the respective change assessment tools and techniques.

  • Develop and conduct impact assessments, assess change readiness and complete other relevant change
assessments to contribute to the change strategy

  • Identifies, analyses, and prepares risk mitigation tactics.
  • Identifies and proactively paces the project and identified initiatives and communications to manage anticipated

  • Creates actionable deliverables for the five change management levers: communication plan, sponsor road map,
coaching plan, training plan, and resistance management plan.

  • Design and implement change interventions that build core competencies and attitudes required to achieve
corporate business strategies.

  • Coach and consult internally across the group, training project teams and line managers on change competency
and facilitating change projects that includes career development, attitudinal surveys, etc.

  • Integrates change management activities into the project plan.
  • Defines key change success metrics and continuously links status checkins and progress to performance (as
established and measured against these metrics - as relevant at various stages of the project.
Stakeholder Management

  • Effectively identifies all direct and indirect project stakeholders.
  • Defines stakeholders and creates specific stakeholder strategies where relevant within the project context.
  • Develop a communication and training plans as defined within the project activities consults with, and coaches
project teams on relevant change topics - works with other functional experts to build content and position
visual representations to enhance communications, change readiness and adoption.

  • Engage senior leaders, provides coaching to managers and supervisors builds capacity to ensure change
readiness and adoption.

  • Acquires strong leadership support for the change and positions their role within the change context to drive
change and build ambassadors from within the group of impacted stakeholders.

Collaborative People Solutions and Services

  • Identifies functional areas of expertise within the People team and proactively mobilises support and alignment
of approaches, solutions, options and alternatives.

  • Facilitates efforts with other functional expertise within the People Solutions and Services team engages and
includes selected functional representatives as stakeholders.

  • Builds change ambassadors as relevant.
Adoption Tracking

  • Evaluate and ensure user readiness devises additional inputs as required to reach acceptable user readiness
capacity prior to embarking on changes.

  • Manage stakeholders while tracking and reporting issues gets to the bottom of pockets of resistance and
introduces additional steps in the process or communication etc. to ensure successful long-term outcomes.

  • Define and measures success metrics and monitor change progress.
  • Qualifications
Degree in Human Resources, Organisational Develo

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