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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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Our client in the manufacturing sector is looking for a Health & Safety Officer / Store Manager to join their team based in Germiston JHB.


  • Developing and implementing safety policies, procedures, and guidelines in line with local laws and regulations.
  • Development and maintenance of guidelines to reinforce adherence to safety protocols.
  • Compiling all the Health and Safety Files for various sites / projects
  • Responsible for overseeing the development and execution of the Health and Safety Plan for each site. This entails ensuring that the plan is adequately prepared, considering all necessary safety measures and protocols.
  • Create a system for recording incidents as well as any safety concerns.
  • Develop a system for managing the documentation and keeping it up to date with site changes.
  • Develop and enforce a safe operation of all workplace machinery and equipment by establishing comprehensive guidelines, ensuring all equipment is used correctly, and reinforcing adherence to safety protocols.
  • Ensure that all tools and equipment used in the workplace are adequate and safe for use. This involves regular checks to verify that the equipment is properly maintained and in good working order.
  • Conduct daily site inspections on staff, and site conditions.
  • Checks and issuing of PPE
  • Keeping all the Health and Safety Files for various sites / projects up to date and relevant.
  • Monitor the site for compliance, as well as provide advice and guidance to the site manager.
  • Implement and monitor all HSE management systems on site, including, but not limited to HSE guidelines, objectives, and practices.
  • Keep HSE registers up to date, including renewals of permits, licenses, etc.
  • Compile and maintain relevant records, registers to ensure compliance for safety inspections.
  • Monitor all employee training certificates and arrange new training for employees with expired documents.
  • Monitor all employee medical certificates of fitness and arrange renewals of medicals prior to the expiry date.
  • Conduct in house training in the form of toolbox talks, risk assessments, HSE Plans, Fall Protection, Safe Working
Procedures, etc.

  • Engage with staff, contractors, and other relevant parties with respect to HSE matters related to the site.
  • Provide guidance and support to management and employees on safetyrelated matters.
  • Ensure employees are wellprepared and the emergency response plan is accessible and understood by all.
  • Coordinate emergency procedures.
  • Implement emergency and crisis management plans on site.
  • Carry out risk assessments on a continuous basis on site.
  • Monitor and evaluate potentially dangerous and unsafe conditions and provide recommendations.
  • Identify hazardous waste and disposing of it correctly.
  • Have first line responsibility for incident investigations, including but not limited to investigating, making initial
recommendations, and putting measures in place to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Assist with the rehabilitation of employees after accidents or injuries and make sure they experience a satisfactory return to work.
  • Assist Managers / Team leaders to implement accidentprevention and environmental impact activities on site.
  • Verify and ensure the completion and submission of injury on duty logs and reports to the relevant agencies (FEM).
  • Schedule and execute audits on site to identify areas of improvement and implement measures as required.
  • Administer and maintain nonconformance and suggestion systems, including Corrective and Preventative Action
Requests (CPAR), Non-conformance Report (NCR)

  • Ensure internal quality standards are maintained and monitored.
  • Submit all relevant safety reports to relevant parties.
  • Keep HSE statistical records, such as incidents, accidents, nearmisses and working hours on site
  • Compile monthly site HSE reports.
  • Work in collaboration with the HR Manager regarding any Injury on Duty Claims
  • Manage all stock and equipment control systems.
  • Maintaining effective stock control at all times to ensure accurate inventory records are available.
  • Monitoring stock levels to decide if more should be ordered, as well as advising the Purchasing department about potential stockouts and reordering levels to maintain minimum and maximum stock thresholds.
  • Ensure goods despatched to clients and jobs are controlled and recorded, both to and from supplier
  • Monitor stock levels daily and record as needed.
  • Responsible for stock counts on a monthly basis.
  • Responsible for organising where all the received stock should go and organizing the stock rooms in a way that existing inventory is easily & safely accessible and clearly identifiable.
  • Responsible for accepting all deliveries of stock. This includes ensuring that they are not damaged and that everything
ordered is present and accounted for.

  • Responsible for organising the dispatch of finished goods and products that need to leave the warehouse. As well as
ensuring that the produ

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