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Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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KwaZulu Natal, Estcourt
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An opportunity exists at our Estcourt plant for a Production Supervisors:

  • Bacon Smoking and Curing Department
  • Slicing Department.

Diploma in Production and Operation Management or similar qualification.

At least - 3 years experience, preferably in a Food Manufacturing Industry.


  • Basic Knowledge of HACCP
  • Experience in Bacon production and preparation will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of quality assurance
  • Knowledge of production planning
  • Food safety and good manufacturing practice
  • Ability to report on agreed KPA's


  • Quality of the slice (specification and cutting temperature)
  • Check sharpness of the blade
  • Changeover techniques
  • Overall machine performance
  • Overall machine performance
  • High Risk procedure
  • Gas settings for mapped products
  • Ordering and planning
  • Slicing yields
  • Warehouse management
  • Line balancing
  • Startups and pre op inspections


  • Fully literate with good communication skills and be a team player
  • Numeric skills and accuracy is essential


Staff Management

  • Ensure proper time keeping.
  • Ensure personal hygiene checks are done on all staff before production begins.
  • Ensure your staff follow Eskort Ltd's SOP's and policies.
  • Discipline your staff when necessary, in line with company guidelines.
  • Communicate to staff in morning meetings regarding issues brought to your attention during your meetings (for example customer complaints, production focus areas).
  • To make use of a roster to ensure that the correct number of staff needed for overtime are used not more and not less.
  • To ensure that all staff are productive at all times.

Process Management

  • To perform the hygiene inspection of your department yourself before production begins and sign off the Izimo Cleaning Hand over register yourself.
  • To ensure the quality of the raw material used in your department.
  • To start production on time.
  • To follow all SOP's applicable to your department.
  • To identify bottle necks in your process and address the root cause of the bottle neck. Should you be unsure how to determine the bottle neck, the foreman must be consulted for assistance.
  • Bottle necks must then be actioned and reduced.

Production Planning

  • To plan the order of production for your department for each day.
  • To plan production for the week taking into account outstanding orders

Work according to the machine's capacity in your department

  • Feedback must be given to the foreman and production manager on an hourly basis on whether targets are being met for your department.
  • All equipment deviations are to be reported immediately to maintenance as well as the foreman. This includes reporting inconsistent performance of the machines.

To ensure the quality of the product in your department

  • Ensure the consistency of your product, in terms of texture, temperature, appearance, quality of the raw material used.
  • Ensure all quality checks are performed accurately, and that correct revisions of paperwork are in use.
  • Perform proper root cause analysis on all deviations found.
  • Make sure that every batch is verified and signed off as per recipe.

Implement and maintain 5S and Quantum Lean methods

  • To be discussed in morning meetings.
  • Ensure all your boards are updated.
  • Ensure suggestions are submitted.
  • Hold fishbowl meetings and small group activities, etc.

Food safety requirements

  • You need to stop production if any food contamination with a Physical, Microbiological, Chemical or Allergen risk occurred or is expected. Inform Quality department so that they can restrict affected product.
  • Report any contamination to QCQA coordinator and in her absence to the General Manager.
  • Manage your departments in such a manner to prevent any risks to enter product by making sure area and equipment is maintained (Open Job cards and make sure that they are completed).
  • If you are the Supervisor where a CCP is controlled, you must make sure that product that do not reach the Critical limit is restricted or is immediately processed further until the critical limit is reached. Report any CCP failure where product is restricted immediately to QCQA coordinator and in her absence to the General Manager.
  • Make sure all your staff, especially those responsible for CCP, is trained on relevant SOP's applicable for food safety.
  • Communicate to superiors and your employees all issues regarding food safety they need to be aware of

For more information please contact:

  • Olga Rikhotho

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