Logistics Manager - Polokwane, South Africa - SBV Services (Pty) Ltd.

Thabo Mthembu

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Thabo Mthembu

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Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

Responsible for meeting agreed timeframes and customer
specifications within the daily Operations

  • Comply and adhere to SLA's including but not limited to: Quality of Service, Load Adherence and Risk Framework
  • Organise, plan and manage all resources for optimal service to customers and to avoid service failures.
  • Proactively keep customers informed of potential service failures or late arrivals in order to maintain good customer relations

Responsible for the management of operational resources and assets

  • Manage resources such as fleet, equipment, weapons, systems etc. for optimal performance levels by monitoring and controlling the maintenance, availability, cost effectiveness, etc
  • Manage that appropriate contingency plans are in place for all natural disasters and vehicle breakdowns in conjunction with the Risk Division
  • Manage the daily operations in compliance with systems, processes, and procedures
  • Provide input regarding improvements to technology and feasibility thereof e.g., new trolleys, new firearms etc.

Responsible for the continuous evaluation and improvement of processes

  • Review and evaluate processes to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve workflow, making recommendations to the relevant stakeholders for approval
  • Upon approval, responsible to implement, monitor and track any continuous improvement initiatives
  • Actively support implementation of planning and forecasting systems
  • Manage and review the handling processes e.g., arrival, departure and loading to confirm optimal working processes and performance and recommends improvements
  • Identify potential risks e.g., theft, robberies, monetary losses, disasters and reduces risk potential by developing and implement procedures and systems in compliance with SBV's Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Manage and drive the productivity schemes within the operations
  • Monitor outcome of quality checks to confirm that centre/s adhere to standard operating procedures. Resolve non compliance.

Manage operational projects within your Centre/s

  • Responsible for Centre readiness e.g., staffing, training, equipment, change management, systems, and systems support, etc.
  • Manage all operational projects linked to the strategy in support of Business Optimization.
  • Monitor compliance to Project timelines, escalate any deviations to the relevant stakeholders, and seek timeous resolution
  • Continually review procedures, systems and performance against business plans, budgets and progress of programmes and projects
  • Manage projects as allocated, for example the expansion within a centre / changing the layout of the centre, including the pre and post implementation reviews

Financial Management

  • Manage the premises assigned, including maintenance, and taking into account, cost, operational effect, time and reputational image.
  • Manage vendor relationship, own the process for repairs, etc.
  • Manage the centres financials in alignment with the annual budget.

Risk Management

  • Utilise security and environmental information from within and outside the organisation to minimise risk (i.e., rerouting of vehicles, changing times for deliveries alternative teams etc.
  • Mitigate reputational and operational risk by embedding risk management processes and effectively managing compliance
  • Manage risk investigations to identify possible breaches of security and take measures to strengthen security e.g., additional camera's, access control, searches
  • Implement proper controls and systems in terms of the prescribed policy and insurance requirements e.g., if there is a vault, there must be a camera etc.
  • Conduct security surveys on an ongoing basis in line with the security plan
  • Report all losses, potential losses, and ATM/Logistics differences to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Keep Logistics losses within loss tolerance levels
  • Responsible for the audit outcomes of the centre/s, proposing remedial actions where necessary and the implementation thereof
  • Execute plans to remedial audit findings and verify that compliance is within acceptable tolerance levels.
  • Collaborate with Risk and GM to verify that a relevant and accurate BCP is in place, reviewing it with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Partake in BCM and crisis management simulations for relevance and practicality.
  • Manage all activities in the event of a crisis at the centre/s
  • Request dispensation and preauthorisation from the GM when outside of rules & regulations (e.g., exceeding limits, security cameras not working, team structure etc)
  • Keep audit trails of run information and related security measures for potential investigations/claims
  • Report and provide support into the investigation process in collaboration with the Risk team.

Ownership of Centre

  • Manage Internal Relationship through: o Build and maintain effective relationships across multifunctional departments within SBV for seamless interact

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