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2 years ago

Africa’s Lost Children — Part One — Exodus

Claire L Cardwell ·   · October 1976 · Ash ate its way along a cigarette, following the glowing line that preceded it. · In the half light two men lay in wait. Parked in a dusty dark green sedan, they were almost conspicuous for being so well camouflaged. · “I hate it when you smoke in the car, J ...

4 years ago

Writer's cramp

Ian Weinberg · I was asked recently by a colleague why my writing of posts and other items has diminished to a trickle of late. Well I guess it’s because I’ve said most of what I’ve wanted to say at this point in time. I continue to comment when and where I have something relevant to add, but f ...

4 years ago

Writer's cramp

Ian Weinberg · Reluctantly I have to confess this problem to the beBee community. I’ve thought long and hard about this and realize that I have to get it off my chest. It concerns all of you – everyone of you with whom I’ve engaged. You see I have been diagnosed with beBee-itis. It appears that ...

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