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2 years ago

Africa’s Lost Children — Part One — Exodus

Claire L Cardwell ·   · October 1976 · Ash ate its way along a cigarette, following the glowing line that preceded it. · In the half light two men lay in wait. Parked in a dusty dark green sedan, they were almost conspicuous for being so well camouflaged. · “I hate it when you smoke in the car, J ...

3 years ago


Gert Scholtz · Once upon a time there was a narrative. It came along when we were born and neatly nestled itself in our mind - as yet blank and looking upon the world and the people around us. It started only with our genetic imprint but then slowly, as we took in images and experiences it grew ...

3 years ago

A tall story

Ian Weinberg · I was sitting in a medical symposium this morning, bored to tears, when it suddenly occurred to me that everything is a story, a narrative. Each one of us is a unique narrative with a beginning and an end. In that narrative there are chapters, sub-sections, paragraphs, sentences ...

5 years ago

The Story of Sixto Rodriguez

Gert Scholtz · Sixto Rodriguez. Unknown in his home country the USA for forty years after he produced his hit songs. In the seventies he composed numbers such as Forget It, Sugar Man and Crucify Your Mind. A mix of folk, rock and pop which immediately took off in the then apartheid South Africa ...

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