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5 years ago

Change reaction

Ian Weinberg · On perusing the banter on multiple social media platforms it becomes apparent that bar some exceptions, users for the most part remain fixed in their views and ideologies. A further observation is that many users do not seem to fully appreciate what others are communicating as re ...

5 years ago

The hateful and the cruel

Ian Weinberg · It’s everywhere. It’s at the office and even in your home. It’s beamed at you every day by the media. It’s the hateful and the cruel. In its mildest form it creates unhappiness which undermines wellness and productivity. At its worst, it kills and it maims and it threatens our su ...

6 years ago

A place under the sun

Ian Weinberg · Evolution is not promoted by the warm fuzzies of dripping oxytocin. Evolution is spurred by crisis, challenge and perturbation. Single-minded aggression has been the hallmark of many individuals in history who, while poorly tolerated by the sensitive masses, contributed great val ...

6 years ago

Bonding the free-way

Ian Weinberg · It started off as one of those perfect winter’s days in Africa. Following the early morning chill, it was warming up under a glorious blue sky. I picked up my ride to the airport. The traffic was unusually light for rush hour. I was travelling to the Buddhist Retreat Centre in th ...

6 years ago

An awe-full story

Ian Weinberg · I can truly say that this buzz was inspired by the many fine writers on beBee. But the theme of this buzz was particularly inspired by the likes of Gert Scholtz, Jim Murray and Jim Murray whose articles, past and present, collectively dealt so well with the subject of this discou ...

6 years ago

Writer's cramp

Ian Weinberg · Reluctantly I have to confess this problem to the beBee community. I’ve thought long and hard about this and realize that I have to get it off my chest. It concerns all of you – everyone of you with whom I’ve engaged. You see I have been diagnosed with beBee-itis. It appears that ...

6 years ago

Mind the gap

Ian Weinberg · The fundamental unit of the central nervous system is the reflex arc. This consists of a sensory feed, the sensory neuron (the afferent), an interposed connecting neuron (the interneuron) and the motor neuron, innervating the motor response (the efferent). The simplest form of th ...

6 years ago

The problem with Gus

Ian Weinberg · This is the story of Gus. Gus like all of us was once a dependent infant. He required feeds, security and love. Unfortunately there were times when Gus’s needs weren’t promptly met. With the dropping of his blood sugar levels and the delay in maternal responsiveness, Gus’s amygda ...

6 years ago

The Driven

Ian Weinberg · Jake felt great. It was a perfect Monday morning in early spring. A deep blue sky formed a canopy over the awakening life all around him. With great contentment and a generous helping of gratitude Jake surveyed his beautiful garden with the early greening carpet of lawn hugging h ...

6 years ago

Drowning in snake oil

Ian Weinberg · They’re everywhere. At the office and at the club, in all the media and even at your place of worship – the relentless pitch of the ‘experts’! Economists, coaches, wellness therapists and the like, ensnaring you and manipulating you and invariably relieving you of hard-earned cas ...

7 years ago

Profiling hatred and cruelty

Ian Weinberg · The Hate and Cruelty Syndrome (HCS) is one of the more perplexing neuropathologies and one seemingly intractable to conventional modalities of intervention. Having a special interest in this condition, I undertook a case study analysis of a sample of HCS sufferers using my own Ne ...

7 years ago

About Writers and their Neurochemistry

Ian Weinberg · Underlying who we are, what we do and how we do it, is our neurochemistry. It makes for interesting cogitation (a big word for ‘reflection’ which I only recently learned) to analyse writers and their writing, based on two neurochemicals, dopamine and oxytocin. · Dopamine is the s ...

7 years ago

A Curious Life

Ian Weinberg · Curiosity killed the cat! But that was a rare and most unfortunate occurrence in the face of what we have come to understand about curiosity. For curiosity drives engagement, connection and learning. From this space flows sensitivity, empathy, and clarity. And of course … Awe. Pa ...

7 years ago

Evolution and Empathy

Ian Weinberg · A concept which has been pondered by many over the millennia is that of good and evil in Man. Is Man born intrinsically good or evil? Important processes that occur in biological evolution contribute useful guidelines to understanding this issue. · Early life forms competed for l ...

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