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2 years ago

Africa’s Lost Children — Part One — Exodus

Claire L Cardwell ·   · October 1976 · Ash ate its way along a cigarette, following the glowing line that preceded it. · In the half light two men lay in wait. Parked in a dusty dark green sedan, they were almost conspicuous for being so well camouflaged. · “I hate it when you smoke in the car, J ...

4 years ago

Africa's Lost Children - How did it all end? or What Did Kitty Do Next?

Claire L Cardwell · Did either movie win any awards?  Did we go to the Oscars?  Well all I can say is dream big! Write it down, make a plan, revise that plan as many times as need be and go for it! · About Claire Cardwell · I think it's vital to talk about all aspects of Architecture - whether it b ...

4 years ago

Africa's Lost Children - Happy Ever After?

Claire L Cardwell · So I am at a cross roads in my life.  What should I do? · I've got seriously itchy feet and an urgent wanderlust.   · The question is where do I go next?  South West or North West? · I am sad today.  It's been a crazy two weeks.  I still haven't met Azriel yet and the shit has ...

4 years ago

Surely you know women should be seen and not heard.....

Claire L Cardwell · Oh yeah and 'You shouldn't mind your pretty little head about that one dear, it's men's business and we men will sort it out.' · Sexism (not just by men on women, but women on men and every conceivable combination of somebody having an issue with someone because they are differen ...

4 years ago

Africa's Lost Children - Part Seven - Prelude to a Kiss

Claire L Cardwell · Or should I say, he found me. · Wandering in the woods in my favourite place in the sky, I came across a man sitting at the banks of a river.  Behind him was a small white building.  White curtains billowed in the breeze. · He turned and looked at me, I was lost. · "Fancy a Fuck? ...

4 years ago

Africa's Lost Children - Part Four - Cold Years in a Teenage Wasteland

Claire L Cardwell · The winter years started when I was five years old.  Standing in a large indoor dock with a Navy Cutter in it I was finger printed, hand printed and photographed and measured.  After we sipped coffee and an hour or so later my UN Passport was swapped out for a United Kingdom and ...

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