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3 years ago

The perch on your shoulder

Ian Weinberg · If I were to ask you how you view yourself you would probably respond with a description which is a composite summation of all that you’ve done, how you’ve done it, where you’ve done it, with whom you’ve done it and how you’ve felt doing it. This is the ‘you’ that you’ve come to ...

4 years ago

Respect begins at home

Ian Weinberg · It is a frequently used term, highly emotionally charged  and yet what does it actually mean? He or she has no self-respect. Here follows my attempt at making sense of it. · To respect is to accept what is, without disparaging judgement nor criticism. Respect begins at home, with ...

5 years ago

Don't be short-changed

Ian Weinberg · In this day and age of instantaneous connections and a rapidly changing landscape, the lines of familiar frames of reference blur frequently and comprehensively. And so thoughts turn to our potential for accommodating and changing to meet these challenges. What in fact determines ...

5 years ago

Transcending or transmuting emotions

Ian Weinberg · I happened upon this article again and came to the realization that the comments are more important than the buzz. So again I share it with you but emphasize the need to read the comments of our profound fellow beBee's. Emotion after all is a core element of our being! · I recent ...

5 years ago

The Advantages of Sustainable Building by Claire Cardwell

Claire L Cardwell · Sustainable buildings typically have lower annual costs for energy, water and maintenance/repair.  Through integrated design and innovative use of sustainable materials and equipment, the first cost of a sustainable building can be the same as, or lower than, that of a traditiona ...

5 years ago

Transforming the moment

Ian Weinberg · Each new, unique and subjective moment imbibes the potential for personal transformation. The deciding influence however is not what it is but rather how we approach it. Unlocking the full potential of the moment opens the portals and leads to transcendence beyond limiting belief ...

6 years ago

Renovation versus New Construction: Which is Greener and Better for the Environment?

Claire L Cardwell · The process of new construction, with all of the advanced green building systems, is often faster than renovating an existing structure. But when you factor in having an existing building and infrastructure, which then has the biggest impact environmentally? · While the ease of ...

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