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To whom it may concern

I completed my B.Com (Gen) Degree at UWC in 2004 and it served me well in attaining positions at leading companies.

My strengths lie in communicating effectively and professionally at all times. I deal with people in a patient, respectful and understanding manner whilst maintaining professionalism. I firmly believe that without discipline, diligence and determination one’s goals cannot be achieved. I am a meticulous, articulate, resilient, highly adaptable and dependable professional. 

My working experience taught me interpersonal, research, computer, editing, interview and language skills. I performed in pressurised environments and acquired leadership, training and development of staff, dealing with clients, multi-tasking and numerate skills.
I am positive that any company will see my potential and regard me as an asset.

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Ms Wasiela Essa



I completed my B.Com (Gen) Degree at UWC in 2004. My majors were Information Systems and Management.


March 2005 – August 2009
Customer Service Analyst and Team Leader • SMC
• I started as an entry-level data capturer.
• I accurately analysed, captured and quality controlled written reports submitted by mystery guests based on their experiences.
• I provided feedback on the writing quality of these reports to mystery guests telephonically.
• I handled various queries from mystery guests and clients.
• One project was failing dismally in terms of delivery time to the client for over a year. I was assigned the task of turning it into a success and I achieved this in under 3 months.
• For each year employed, I received a promotion and my salary increased.
• I trained clients.
• I facilitated the entire interview process for SMC and trained staff.
•  I checked written reports for grammatical and spelling errors, that proper English was used and that information was interpreted correctly by my team. This was before they were submitted to clients.
• I provided feedback to staff members on the quality of their work.
• I interacted with my team, clients, management and the owner of the company.
• No client who dealt with me was dissatisfied with the service that I provided.
• There was a mystery guest who was so difficult that no staff member wanted to deal with him. As the company knew my disposition, I was assigned the task. I handled the interaction so well that I was commended on “Hello Peter”.
• I was responsible for achieving daily targets, arranged team meetings and logistics for late nights at the office.
• I was retrenched, as SMC underwent financial difficulty.

January 2010 – December 2010
Client Information Management Consultant • Investec
• I accurately captured personal changes on clients’ accounts, checked for outstanding FICA documents and assisted my team in achieving daily targets.
• Strict deadlines had to be adhered to.
• I handled client queries in person, telephonically and via e-mail.
• I escalated these queries to my team leader if assistance was required.
• I dealt with senior staff, external and internal consultants and various departments within the business.
• I dealt with difficult, high profile clients.
• They were impressed by how I went the extra mile.
• I offered solutions to their problems and personally dropped documents without being prompted (some clients did not have access to technology).
• I was solely assigned a huge project that was behind schedule.

January 2011 – August 2011
Unit Trust Administrator • Allan Gray
• I accurately interpreted and captured instructions on clients’ unit trust investments.
• Strict deadlines had to be adhered to, as time is money in the investment world.
• I handled queries from clients in person, telephonically and via e-mail.
• I escalated these queries to my team leader if assistance was required.
• My role exposed me to various departments within the business.
• My short time at Allan Gray was due to ill health (I had an operation shortly thereafter). Allan Gray only employs the best and they notice and nurture talent. 
• I performed so well in my interactions with clients that my performance ratings were always above 90%.

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