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My name is Khadija Hoosain and I am currently pursuing a Master of Commerce degree in Industrial Psychology at Stellenbosch University. I have also completed an Honours degree in Organisational Psychology at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in the year 2018. I am currently in the process of completing my second year / dissertation only (Masters 2), as a student psychologist (HPCSA), and I am therefore seeking a human resources / Industrial Psychology job opportunity. 

I am applying for this position as I currently have 16 months of work experience as an Employee Wellness administrative assistant within the Human Capital department for a state owned entity (staff complement of +-400). I have also had the opportunity to improve on my computer skills by completing an advanced MS Word and MS Excel course via the company as per their learning and development requirements. The nature of my current job requires me to provide administrative support to the Employee Wellness practitioner and the Human Capital department. It is also expected of me to work well under pressure with high volumes of work, especially with the current change in work design and work policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in the Human Capital department also requires me to handle employee information and files with high confidentiality. 

Additionally, I believe that this opportunity would be a fruitful and beneficial opportunity for my career as an aspiring Industrial Psychologist. I am eager to learn and develop my skills and gain the relevant experience within the HR department. I furthermore believe that my academic record, good standing as a student and employee will demonstrate that I aim to attend to and execute my responsibilities with the same diligence, commitment and enthusiasm as I have thus far given both my studies and work responsibilities. 

I believe that my skills thus far will allow me to work brilliantly in a team and individually where my previous work experience as an undergraduate tutor at UCT, and my current work exposure has equipped me with the leadership skills necessary to engage well in any work environment. Furthermore, I thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative and innovative environment and I am confident that if I am granted this opportunity, I will be able to showcase my skills, knowledge and attitude that I have gained throughout my studies and work experience to excel at my job. 

I thank you sincerely for considering my application and if successful, I commit to making this a positive experience and will apply myself fully in the learning and development of this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you. 

I can be reached and 072 276 6944. 

Many thanks, 



Master of Commerce in Industrial Psychology


Employee Wellness Intern (16 months)

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