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Claire Geel

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality

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About me:

My name is Claire Geel, and I am an early career geoscientist from South Africa. 

My postgraduate training was geared towards clastic sedimentology and shale gas exploration activities in South Africa. I spent many months on site and actively managed the drilling operations, logged and sampled the core. I am familiar with a range of sedimentological, geochemical, geophysical and petrophysical sample preparation methods, and I can operate a variety of analytical instruments and accompanying software. 


I received my Ph.D. degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in December 2020. My postgraduate research (including MSc) was focused on sedimentology, diagenesis, palaeoenvironments and provenance reconstruction of the Permian lower Karoo Supergroup in the main Karoo Basin in South Africa. I conducted my analytical studies in collaboration with exceptional colleagues when I worked as a visiting scholar at world-class geoscientific institutions such as the GFZ, Helmholtz Center, Potsdam and RWTH Aachen, in Germany. 




In 2015, I received a 6-month internship position with Shell at the head office in The Hague, Netherlands, where I was trained, among others, in seismic interpretation. In September 2020 I received a 6-month internship with Total SE in Pau, France, where I was tasked with source rock analysis and palaeo-environmental reconstruction using ArcGIS and other industry grade software. 

During my studies I did part time lecturing and worked was a student assistant at both universities that I attended. In 2015 I worked as a research assistant for the African Earth Observatory Network, 

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