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What Kitty Did Next - The Chesterfield Sofa Incident...

One night I was bored. · I wandered about the room. · Fingers decorated with paper cigar rings, a Romeo e Julietta in my hand. · I took the occasional puff and added some more brandy to my glass. · The men had draped their jackets all over the room. · Folio Cases and Briefs ...

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Making America Beautiful Again - Trump on Architecture

I know I vowed in October 2018 not to write another article about Donald Trump or politics... and I have kept my promise until now! · Now I can't keep quiet, now I won't keep quiet. · Recently a draft executive order was leaked that will require all new federal buildings to confo ...

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Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 4 - 747 Wing House

Is it a bird? · Is it a Plane? · No it's a house... the 747 Wing House in California was designed by David Hertz of Studio of Environmental Architecture. · David wanted to design a home that had unobstructed views of the stunning mountain ranges surrounding the site. · The client ...

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How to Choose a Good Builder

You can not be too careful when choosing a contractor or sub-contractor, go the extra mile and make sure you feel confident that you have chosen wisely before you start building. · We’ve all heard about construction nightmares – whether it be the architect who fails to submit pla ...

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Architects I Admire Part Nine - Bercy Chen

Bercy Chen Studio was founded in 2001 by Thomas Bercy and Calvin Chen and is based in Austin, Texas.  They have vastly different backgrounds (Thomas is from Belgium and Calvin is from Taiwan via Australia) but they share a similar design approach.  The firm has won more than 20 a ...

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Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 3 - Drift House on Little Much Farm

I came across this amazing house recently and fell in love.  It's on a hill side overlooking the Sahyadri hills of Mulshi and its lake, in Little Much Farm in  Nandivali, India.  The house was designed by Shonan Purie Trehan of  Language.Architecture.Body (LAB). · The site has ...

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What You Should Expect From a Set of Plans You Submit to Council

Recently I've seen some awful plans that were submitted to Council and will never be approved...  I hope this article helps you to make an informed choice when picking an Architect/Designer - it's vital to take a look at a sample of their plans and check that they are registered ...

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The Truth About What A Building Plan Should Look Like...

Too many people are getting messed around by inexperienced /unqualified or even unscrupulous 'architects'.  My blood's been boiling for a while and I was horrified to see yet another set of bad plans just before Easter.  In essence it was pretty lines drawn in the sand and then p ...

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The Shrine of Whatslove by Wutopia Lab, China

In the Zhejiang countryside the Shanhai based design studio Wutopia Lab installed the Shrine of Whatslove.   The red triangular pavilion reminds me of a huge bird's nest. · It's a robotically woven carbon fibre structure devoted to love and marriage.  The Shrine was created in co ...

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Africa’s Lost Children — Part One — Exodus

  · October 1976 · Ash ate its way along a cigarette, following the glowing line that preceded it. · In the half light two men lay in wait. Parked in a dusty dark green sedan, they were almost conspicuous for being so well camouflaged. · “I hate it when you smoke in the car, J ...

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Sooner rather than Later

Instead of being asked 'Why did you move to South Africa?' I am being asked 'When are you leaving?' · For the last six months or so I've been broken hearted. · I am once again heading for exile. · The reality is that Africa has changed. · People no longer look into your eyes a ...

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Crescentwood House by Claire Cardwell @ Blue Designs

This was another project that took a long time to complete. · I was first commissioned to design this house in 2014, the plans were completed and then the Client went elsewhere to a different architect/designer who did a completely different house. · Unsatisfied they came back to ...

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Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 2 - Bosjes Chapel

The Bosjes Chapel is set within a vineyard and pomegranate orchard.  It is at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountain, in the  Breede Valley,  Western Cape, South Africa and was designed by South African born Coetzee Steyn of Steyn Studio. · The 6 metre high (19.68ft) Chapel has a scu ...

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Who Are You During Day & Night?
Re 5 = Early ALCS ~ Mid Night:


Hermione 3

On Being Slightly Nuts and Other Things Part Three - #CLC Mkosi is Driving my Car

SPOILER ALERT - The Drugs Don't Work... · Drawing a veil over the events on the 21st and 22nd October 2018 that made me decide to go to the Clinic rather than the Cafe to work (there is an excellent Cafe in the Shopping Centre opposite the Clinic and a better one in the Clinic).. ...

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Build Me a Bridge or a Canal Mr. Engineer! Part 1 - The Corinth Canal, Greece

Whilst I was growing up, my family would go on epic road trips orchestrated by my Father, Bob (WR Cardwell).  He had an itinerary,  a list of places to go, the best times to visit and the time allowed for us to view the museum/treasure trove/architectural masterpiece.  Woe betide ...

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Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 1 - The Mysore Palace in India

I have been fascinated with Indian Architecture for decades, but haven't as yet had the chance to visit...  My father would often talk (and show me his photographs) of the incredible buildings and palaces around India, together with some tall tales - which were all true (apart fr ...

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On Being Slightly Nuts and Other Things Part Two

In August last year I wrote an article about my experiences with Mental Health... I pushed the publish button and wondered if I was making a huge mistake.  Maybe I've lost business because of the last post and perhaps I will lose business because of this one.  However I would not ...

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House Chidi, Copperleaf Golf Estate, South Africa

The Story of House Chidi, was a long one, in fact both my Client and I will both agree, it was hard work getting this house through the planning process. · However with perseverance (& a wee bit of the luck of the Irish French and some fast talking by Chidi and his lovely wife), ...

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More Infamous African Wildlife - The Hadedah (You Have Been Warned)

Anyone contemplating a visit to South Africa (or even moving here) is understandably worried about crime. · It's not crime you have to worry about - No, No, No - It's the Hadedah Ibis. · That's right a bird. This bird is the reason you will leap out of bed at 5am on your first mo ...

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My Imaginary Speech Addressing the United Nations

Ladies and Gentlemen, · Madam President, Mr. Secretary-General, world leaders, ambassadors, and distinguished delegates: · I would like to offer my gratitude for your gracious indulgence today and for allowing me to address you all. · The unfortunate events at the United Nation ...

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